More info leaks about Apple’s iLife ‘06, iWeb, .Mac changes, Numbers spreadsheet application

“A slip-up on Apple Computer’s website on Thursday revealed that the Mac maker may be prepping a new version of its iLife digital life style suite that will include a Web design application,” Prince McLean reports for Apple Insider. “Just before noon on Thursday, the company’s Garageband and Support websites displayed links to non-existent iLife ’06 product pages and listed ‘iWeb’ as one of its included applications. Sources had previously told AppleInsider that Apple was preparing to introduce a new Web design application during next week’s Macworld Expo, which would integrate with the company’s .Mac suite of Internet services. The Web application, referred to as ‘Webpages 1.0’ by AppleInsider sources, is said to draw heavily from components in Apple’s ‘Pages’ application to provide easy drag-and-drop capability for a variety of Web-optimized content and media types. If Webpages and iWeb are one and the same, users of the application should be able to drag and drop everything from pictures and movies to widgets, iCal calendars and iTunes playlist into pre-designed Web page templates.”

“Members of Apple’s .Mac Internet services may be able to purchase domain names (.com, .net, and .org) directly from within the Web application, sources have said. Alternatively, the application will allow quick and simple Web site publishing through a member’s existing .Mac Web space,” McLean reports. “Apple reportedly set out to design the new Web application in a way that it would enhance its consumer software offerings and drive subscriptions to its .Mac internet services (which it hopes will reach 1 million users sometime this year)… The company may also slash the yearly .Mac subscription fee from $99.95 to an appeal price of $69.95… Work ’06 is still expected to pack at least one new application, an Apple-branded spreadsheet application dubbed Numbers 1.0, along with updates to Pages and Keynote.”

Full article with more details here.

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  1. It would be nice that instead of adding features to .mac (which as a concept i love) perhaps they should focus on making it WORK. Like a transfer shouldnt take 2 days. The iDisk shouldnt lock up your system when tranferring files or unmounting.

    Just some suggestions.

  2. The one reason I did not decide to get a .Mac account since Apple took my iDisk away was because of the $99.95 pricing. Yes I can get it half off, but I was hoping for more features and a better way to build a website. I really hope this rumor is true and that having .Mac a must have!

  3. $69.95 would likely bring me back on board as a .Mac customer. Make it Canadian dollars with no tax added and I’ll guarantee it. At ninety-nine bucks American, however .. they can keep it.

    (No .. I don’t miss having email. Life without it has been just fine. heh)

  4. Yeah, it all sounds good. But will any web app be able to function without .Mac? Also, I hope that any update to iLife and iWork includes iPhoto performance and fixing the totally broken Flash export and almost broken QuickTime export in Keynote. That was a feature that I jumped at iWork for and it was a complete disappointment. I was hoping to not need to crack open Flash everytime i need to make a slideshow style presentation sort of thing for the web.

  5. PHP & SQL …together with the rumor that you can have a terabyte of bandwidth. This would be great for web developers that want to want to host content rich websites.

    If there is indeed 1 terabyte of bandwidth, Apple could make it possible for anyone to make a podcast (Video via iMovie or Audio via Garageband) and host it on their .mac account; possibly tying it into iTunes music store.

    Let it be so!

  6. If Webpages or iWeb will be anything like Realmac’s RapidWeaver, Apple will have another great app on its hands. The guys at Realmac have put out a supremely easy-to-use application which puts out great webpages depending on the creator’s creatiity, ofcourse ) and adopts the drag/drop method w/ aplomb.
    Yes, i am a proud owner of a RW license 😀

  7. AND .Mac must include at the very least Perl or PHP functionality before I will be interested in paying $69.95 a year for it. Come on, Apple.

    M.W. Least……. see above.

  8. I was right. “Numbers” for the spreadsheet component of iWork. A lower .Mac price is welcome. So is increased bandwdith, more tools, etc.

    However, I’m having difficulty figuring out how Apple can make web page design much easier than Rapidweaver or Karelia’s Sandvox.

    Tera Patricks

  9. “It’s like people are ruining Christmas. I wanted to be surprised. Jackasses. They should go get real jobs. Fricking rumor leeching websites.


    do what most people do at christmas- DONT LOOK!!!
    fricking boneheaded crybabies

    come back to MDN on tuesday after the keynote and be surprised
    does the word “DUH” mean anything to you?

  10. I wish there will be a keynote one day without anything new. Just the whole keynote of jobs showing the better alternatives of what users think they would be missing when they’d make the switch.
    And then I also mean stuff in the servers department… .
    I really really hope that one day, jobs will come on stage and then does show new stuff with the beginning phrase “this software you’re about to see led a secret life for X years for just in case, and now is the time”
    And then he shows us software where everybody goes bananas about ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />
    And Steve!! Show off the whole cocoa framework and attract developers…
    people think MSDN is the only thing that is professional and mature… show them different! Yeah! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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