InfoWorld 2006 Tech awards: Best Workstation: Apple Power Mac G5 Quad, Best OS: Apple Mac OS X

InfoWorld has published their “2006 Technology of the Year Awards.”

The Technology of the Year Awards look forward, not back. The goal: to identify those products most likely to shake up the IT establishment in 2006 and beyond. All 46 award recipients, spread over 45 critical technology categories, meet that mandate. They’ve proved themselves in the InfoWorld labs and in enterprise networks and datacenters, then survived months of additional poking, prodding, debate, and deliberation, courtesy of the Test Center experts. The winners are truly the cream of the crop … and a harbinger of good things to come for the new year.

Best Client Operating System: Apple Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
A rich and friendly desktop operating system built with professional users in mind.
More here.

Best Server Operating System: Apple Mac OS X Server 10.4
A powerful, extensible Unix server with a uniquely robust set of standard features.
More here.

Best Workstation: Apple Power Mac G5 Quad
Dual-core PowerPC system boasts impressive hardware specs, sub-$5,000 price tag, and the magic of Mac OS X.
More here.

2006 Technology of the Year Awards winners’ list here.

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  1. etr: read both pages:

    Best Enterprise Database
    Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    Ambitious, enterprise-oriented overhaul creates a new measuring stick for database management

    HJowever, it is a good indicator that M$ did not shine in most areas.

    Good one APPL… buy now… hold em and Apple will be (MDN) “kind” to your pocketbook in 2006!

  2. Ummm…..I think I would have waited until after macworld to make predictions for 2006. C’mon, they’re trying to predict which 2005 devices will most impact 2006! This ain’t gonna work for Apple, which updates its product lines every 6 to 8 months.

    WHAT??? No mention of the iPod Invisia????

  3. People are finally getting it: Apple’s products are simply the best. Period.

    MDN Word: “years.” As in Apple’s products are the best, that’s why I have stayed with them for 30 years.

  4. The article stated:
    “Vista looks like Microsoft’s best effort to transplant OS X’s legendary usability, productivity, visual appeal, and developer enthusiasm into Windows without sacrificing Windows’ massive application library.”

    Who gives a crap about some massive application library?!!!

    Every single application on my Mac works perfectly!

    There is not ONE application from Microsuck that can even compare.

  5. Well, the fact is that lots of people care about the massive library of 3rd party software MS has built around it. And it’s also true that many people resent the fact that you can only run OS X on Macs. Yes, they RESENT it. So, Apple’s marketshare will grow relatively slowly despite the fact that they have the best OS on the market.

  6. “Yes, they RESENT it”

    Resenting an OS. Now that’s the funniest damn thing I’ve ever heard of. Anyone who exhibits the emotion of resent over a friggin computer really needs to have their head unscrewed and re-screwed. Maybe YOU do, but that doesn’t mean everyone or evvn most people do. The Mac is what it is, if you don’t like it no one is forcing you to choose it. I guess those people have this thing where they think owning a Mac somehow doesn’t represent the ability to make a choice.

    Face the fact. This supposed freedom of choice that you have by owning a Windows PC is a ruse. Take any 10 PC’s from any manufacturer set them up behind a curtain with only a generic monitor showing and not one PC user would be able to tell what company’s box they were using. Thats because no matter what junk PC you buy, it’s all running the same crap OS. That IS NOT choice my friend.

    So while you and all your PC buddies are resenting the Mac, the rest of us are just using them to get stuff done in a productive and secure environment. If you think that buying a Mac represents a bigger monetary invesment and you resent it because of that, perhaps we could compare how much we’ve spent on computer tech in teh last 10 years and I bet my Mac bill has been way lower than your PC bill.

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