Apple’s Jonathan Ive named Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

“Jonathan Ive, the designer of Apple Computer Inc.’s wildly popular iPod music player and iMac computer, on Friday was named a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II,” The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“London-born Ive, 38, is senior vice president of design at the Cupertino computer company, where he has worked since 1992. The CBE award was granted Friday by the queen in her annual New Year’s Honors,” The Chronicle reports. “The commander’s rank is the third-most-senior rank in the order, which was created by King George V in 1917. It is awarded to individuals in recognition of the contribution and service to British interests worldwide. In 2003, Ive was named designer of the year by the Design Museum in London. He is responsible for the look and feel of all Apple hardware products.”

Full article here.

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  1. Why wasn’t this honor given to someone who’s done something far more impactful, like perhaps a cancer researcher or something along those lines…?

    This world is repulsive.

  2. >So glad we kicked the shit out of these brown-toothed Brits not once but TWICE in the last two and a half centuries.>

    Be thankful we don’t have socialised health care in the USA . Not until the Dems get in power- —which may be never.

  3. brentaun,

    Yes this honour is also being given to people who did good work. There are a large number of people being recognised with CBE, OBEs and Knighthoods in the Honours List this year, not just Ive.

  4. “Be thankful we don’t have socialised health care in the USA . Not until the Dems get in power- —which may be never.”

    Yeah, it’s a good thing not everyone gets health care, otherwise we might be able to save more people’s lives and that would lead to overpopulation.

  5. Dear

    It may come as a shocking surprise to you, but some members of the health care and promotion community actually use Macintosh computers and software for research, data analysis, communication, and publication.

    What have you done recently to benefit the human race and why? That is, other than using fossil fuels, stuffing your face with food, and breathing oxygen how do you make the world a better place?

  6. Longish Memory,

    Most reports by the AppleHaters say that Steve ‘threw’ a digital camera at an underling, implying a swift, overhand pitch.

    Hopefully by ‘throwing’, you MEANT tossing. ‘Tossing’ a digital camera to someone that was a mere 7-8 feet from Steve is what everyone ELSE in the world saw. Interesting that you percieved that as ‘throwing’.

    I’ll admit Steve sure has great confidence in his ability to aim, and even greater confidence in other’s ability to catch — a DIGITAL CAMERA, as opposed to a $4 softball!

    I’ll also admit that Steve can get peeved with other’s incompetence, but he was hardly ‘enraged’. Annoyed certainly, but enraged? You weren’t paying attention.

  7. Assuming, Mr Ives, that you DO have a life, and DO read MDN, I would like to say congratulations! Keep it up and you’ll be up for the ‘ol Knighthood and we’ll REALLY kowtow to you then!!

    Remember also that the Civil Service refers to the CBE as: “Can’t Be Everywhere”. You’ll be getting loads of invitations now, but our message to you is keep your bloody head down at Apple!!

    Well done.

  8. Curious that there are Americans who rejoice calling us “brown toothed Brits”… Bit like doPi they must be sad folk. Having said that I’m ashamed by what some of my fellow Brits describe Americans as, so I guess it taakes all sorts.


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