SecureMac from MacScan protects Mac users from nonexistent viruses for only $24.95

“Spyware and keystroke loggers have often been thought of as a Windows only problem, but Nicholas Raba, CEO of and co-author of Maximum Security says many Apple Macintosh users may have a false sense of security. SecureMac has released MacScan which detects and removes Macintosh spyware, remote administration utilities and keystroke loggers. In a telephone interview, Raba talked to us about current and future Macintosh spyware and virus threats,” Humphrey Cheung writes for TG Daily.

Cheung writes, “MacScan, one of the few Macintosh anti-spyware programs, was released in 2002 and recently reached version 2.0. It currently recognizes, quarantines and deletes dozens of spyware programs and keystroke loggers and Raba adds, “And I’m not talking about cookies. You’ll see that other anti-spyware programs classify browser cookies as spyware.” The program is freely downloadable for a 15 day free trial. Afterwards, a perpetual license is $24.95. With a booth at the upcoming Macworld in San Franscisco and a retail push, Raba wants MacScan to become a household name like Ad-Aware or Symantec.”

Cheung writes, “People who are frustrated with computer viruses and spyware are constantly told to buy a Macintosh, but Raba told us that this just gives them a false sense of security. ‘Sure it may be one of the more secure operating systems, but you can’t go with the attitude that there are no viruses for the Mac,’ says Raba. He adds that proof of concept virus code is already running around the Internet and that a major Mac virus is inevitable. ‘Anyone with programming skills could make something, the majority don’t bother because they don’t want to go to jail,'” says Raba.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are zero Mac OS X viruses. Surely there are better ways to promote your product, Mr. Raba? You want to become to “become a household name like Symantec?” Well, you’ve certainly started down the right path to becoming as poorly-regarded as is Symantec by Mac users worldwide. Why are you talking about viruses when your product promises only to “detect, isolate, and remove: spyware, keystroke loggers, trojan horses, and administration applications?” What’s next, galoshes for earthworms, just $24.95 a pair?

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  1. Cracks me up when firms develop a product before there is a proven need. Then hawk the hell out of it for just $24.95.

    I want to see that virus before I shell out $24.95.

  2. Raba is an idiot.

    The “proof of concept” code he is talking about is probably that stupid bash script that somebody wrote and advertised earlier in the year.

    I have been working with an entire group of people trying to create the first self-replicating virus for OSX since Jaguar. Apple has not made it easy at all.

    Don’t buy his product, or any of the other stupid anti-virus products for OS X. YOU DO NOT NEED THEM.

    – Angry Munkee Security Coder

  3. Don’t know what to say really, except what a complete tosser this guy seems… Spreading FUD around in the hope of ensnaring a few scared Windows switchers; pathetic and lamentable excuse for a business.

  4. ClamXAV protects you from non-existent viruses for free.

    MDN word: saying

    I’m just saying that if you are going to scan for non-existent viruses, why pay money for it?

  5. What spyware on a Mac? I have yet to see one factual writing of a real piece of spyware that has infected a Mac on OSX. Don’t waste your money on this FUD program that will not protect you from anything because there is nothing out there to begin with. I would call this scamware to take people to the cleaners with there money for nothing.

  6. Besides non-existent viruses, does he have a point about spyware, key-loggers, trojan horses, and malicious administration programs?

    MDN word: test

    I guess there’s no test to prevent Mac users with no common sense from allowing obvious malware onto their computer.

  7. There was that one key-logger called “Peeping Tom” from back in the OS 8 and 9 days.

    MDN word: problem

    Though I never had a problem with it being installed surrepitiously on my computer and stealing information.

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