USA Today columnist: ‘2006 could be year that Apple CEO Jobs falls off pedestal’

“Sometime in 2006, Steve Jobs will probably get hosed. That’s not so much a prediction as it is playing the odds. Nobody in America gets such a long ride on the oh-we-sooooo-adore-you bandwagon,” kevin Maney writes for USA Today. “Well, except maybe Jennifer Aniston. But look what happened to Martha Stewart. Or Hootie and the Blowfish. For that reason, Jobs’ popularity will be one development to watch in 2006.”

Maney predicts some things for 2006 such as “cellphone cameras will actually become useful” and “RSS will be big” and the debut of the “digital living room” – about which he doesn’t once mention Apple or Steve Jobs, presumably because he’ll already have fallen or been pushed off the pedestal upon which Maney says he’s standing.

Of “tech’s celebrity superstar,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Maney writes, “He seems due. Maybe he’ll humiliate a bumbling underling on stage at Macworld, unleashing a torrent of stories saying Jobs is the Lord Voldemort of managers. Or someone will discover malicious spyware hidden deep inside iTunes. The only sure thing is that society, as if striving for equilibrium, will then knock Jobs as far down as we boosted him up. It’s just what we do, no?”

Full article here.
The point of this article is what, exactly? That a USA Today tech columnist can make social commentary on America’s penchant for building people up and then knocking them down while using highly-googled words like “Apple” and iPod?” Is it supposed to be droll or witty or something? America does like to build some people up only to knock them down. That’s hardly a news flash. Maney misses one important thing, though: Steve Jobs built himself into what he is today. He’s not a prepackaged pop star built to sell tabloids on the way up, then taken down to sell tabloids with stories about their “fall,” and then prepped for ultimate “redemption” in order to sell more tabloids. Steve Jobs is a rarity and exceptional talent. USA Today is, well, let’s face it, it’s a rag that’s not at all rare, featuring tech columnists whose only exceptional talent seems to be topping each others’ inanity.

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  1. Kevin Maney is someone we & MDN should quote this time in 2006, & 2007, & 2008, & 2009, & 2010 . . .
    It should be good for laughs.

    What Maney fails to realize is that the Apple story is just beginning.
    I don’t mean to sound preachy, just stating what I believe to be the obvious.

  2. errr .. where’s this lengthy ride in the limelight that Jobs is supposed to be wearing thin, anyway? It’s only been a couple of months since years of hardcore FUD has quieted down somewhat. Cripes, you’d think everybody had been being nice as pie for ten years or so and it was about time to start yawning now. lol. The guy hasn’t a clue.

  3. Pathetic, that people take notice of speculation, as usual MDN brings things into focus, yes Steve got onto his pedestal all by himself. I dont think he is that clumsy, to “slip off”.

  4. I’ve only read the quote above, but it seems to me that the guy’s not saying that Jobs *deserves* to fall of the pedestal, simply that media will probably try to push him off. I suspect he’s quite right. I’m always amused by how the readers of this site are incapable of taking even the mildest of negative discussion about Apple or Jobs.

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