Have you visited an Apple Retail Store lately?  Tell us about it

If you have visited an Apple Retail Store during the holiday shopping season, please tell us about your experience below.

Where was the Apple Store located?
Was the store crowded?
Were people buying iPods?
Were people buying Macs?
Was the store sufficiently staffed?
Was anything sold out?
Anything else notable about your visit?

Apple Retail Stores are located across the U.S. and are also open in Japan, UK, and Canada. More info, locations, maps, schedules, and more here: http://www.apple.com/retail/

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “rory” for suggesting this interactive article.]

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  1. Apple Store at Washington Square in Beaverton (Portland) Oregon.

    Just picked up a remote for my 4th gen iPod and applecare support. (I’m considering buying another remote because they are notorius for breaking and are no longer produced…..)

    Anyway, it was great but crowded.

    I had fun drooling at the 30 inch displays…..

    (First post?)

  2. Regent Street, London, UK
    The store was packed
    Everyone was buying an iPod
    Some people were buying macs… some were trying them out… To be honest I saw more macs at the genius bar than anywhere else. [NB a lot of non-macs in the demonstration-theatre using the free ‘net access]
    The store was sufficiently staffed, it was simply the fact that there weren’t enough sales desks.
    I didn’t notice anything sold out…
    My experience was marred by the fact that I couldn’t get my Apple iPod in-ear headphones fixed/replaced without seeing a Genius, which was impossible because there were so many people in the place.
    Also, there weren’t enough demonstration models.

  3. Well, I went to the Apple store in Austin TX and this big fat woman was blocking the door way. Once she got in the store she turned around and almost killed 10 customers with her big fat butt. She was looking for a Rio MP3 player. Then to top it all off she farted and the whole mall was closed for four hours. Can you believe it, it took the EPA four hours to declare the mall safe.

  4. St. Louis
    two stores
    midday visit and evening visit
    three cashiers each store
    constant 6+ people in line
    stores packed, buzzing with conversation
    lots of red shirts waiting on people
    iPod guys moving over 1,000 units a day
    there is wicked commerce goin’ on, brother

  5. The Apple Store in The Woodlands Mall (The Woodlands, Texas north of Houston) has been packed. They’ve run out of different models of iPods on various days but have restocked quickly. People are also buying computers. It was great to see do much business, but it made purchasing a bit of a hassle.

    I picked up a new 20″ iMac G5 plus a (free) printer and a few other software items along with another nano for a gift while I was there.

    I believe 2006 is going to be a fantastic year for Apple!

  6. Apple Store In The Walden Galleria in Buffalo, NY.
    The store was very crowded, and very well staffed. I think that the split between Macs and iPods was about the same. The experience was extremely pleasing. The staff were welcoming and helped you out and even gave you more info than expected.

  7. the Apple Store was located in Miami, FL at the The Falls

    It was very crowded, couldn’t had to wait in line just to look at a mac or an ipod

    when I left the store almost everyone had a small apple Bag, they most probably bought an ipod. and I would say 75% of the people in line at the register had an ipod to purchase

    Were people buying Macs?
    yes mostly those who already had an ipod.

    Was the store sufficiently staffed?
    Yes a lot of helpful employees

    Was anything sold out? The free printers the come when buying a mac.

    Anything else notable about your visit?
    Well I got mad when I overheard an employee tell a customer that you would need virtual PC and windows Xp to connect to other windows PC through a network and I had to explain to the customer that the sales person was wrong and that you can do it for free with microsoft desktop connection.

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