Apple computer is big winner in online holiday shopping sales

“Winners in the holiday online shopping race appear to be Wal-Mart, Amazon and Apple Computer which are doing the best job of turning browsers into buyers, according to an analysis of Web traffic patterns,” Eric Auchard reports for Reuters. “According to data compiled by Internet measurement firm Hitwise for Reuters, these three sites, along with perennial e-commerce leader eBay Inc., seem to be having the most success converting online window-shopping forays into real purchases. These retailers showed the heaviest traffic between their Web sites and shipping company Web sites at UPS, DHL and FedEx, Hitwise analyst Bill Tancer said… ‘The one site that is driving the greatest growth is iTunes,’ he said of Apple Computer Inc.’s music store, which gives consumers near-instant gratification by allowing them to download songs or gift cards for future purchases.”

“The NetRatings data counts shopping trips to 100 representative online retailers in 10 shopping categories,” Auchard reports. “Hitwise data confirms that half — 49.5 percent — of U.S. Web searches for the term ‘iPod’ are going to Apple Web sites. The next nearest online retailers to be benefiting from the iPod craze are, which drew 6.7 percent of iPod searchers and BestBuy, which attracted 4.2 percent.”

Full article here.

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  1. I’m with AAPL Man.
    This pullback is retarded. Apple is poised to make it’s biggest noise since 1984. If you’re thinking about getting on the AAPL train, this is your chance. $85 by end of Jan. and then up open sky from there.

    MW=movement… as in AAPL’s movement UP is about to explode.

  2. The stock will stall for the remainder of the year. This is profit taking. It’s a game– fun it you realize what’s happening.

    Thye stock will climb again, but not now. At least… don’t hold your breath for it to go up any time soon.

  3. Do I smell a possible few converters from M$ to Apple this holiday season? Its the only present I need under my tree! KILL THE WINDOWS BOXES! DEATH TO THE INFIDELS! err.. did I say that out loud.. damn terets. Um.. BUY AAPL!

    MW: Assimilate

  4. AAPL Dude is right. This is year end profit taking. People (including me) are selling this month, taking profits to offset losses before year end for tax reasons.

    I’ll be back in next month, as will many others. In the meantime, be happy, as you can buy more on the dips.

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