Apple’s Mac mini, PowerBook, iBook may go Intel first in early 2006

“Intel has giant plans for 2006, and will introduce them at the Consumer Electronics Show during a keynote speech on January 5,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK. “Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini will speak at 4.30pm (12.30am UK time) that day. The company has confirmed he’ll focus on digital content; the new Intel Viiv family of digital convergence and entertainment devices; and the company’s next-generation dual-core mobile processors (Napa). Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to deliver his keynote speech at Macworld Expo on January 10 at 9pm (5pm UK time).”

“Apple is understood to be struggling to make improvements to its notebook computers, following IBM’s strategic decision not to focus effort on porting G5 processors to such form factors. This may have led to Apple’s long-mooted decision to shift to Intel. But Apple notebook lovers may see first fruits of the Intel/Apple pact early next year. At CES, Intel’s will launch its next-generation dual-core mobile platform, codenamed Napa, based on the Yonah chip, and part of its Centrino family. The processor offers several advantages that may eventually reach Apple’s notebooks as that company moves to Intel processors next year. The timing of the launch may be key to predicting the roadmap… Apple isn’t likely to relinquish its reputation for being first to market with new technologies,” Evans reports.

“The first quarter of 2006 should also see the debut of Viiv PCs, Intel promised. Intel’s Viiv family integrates a number of technologies designed to support the notion of a front room computer. They are built for low power requirements, fast or instant start-up and with a built-in capacity to stream content around the home,” Evans reports. “Recent rumours have suggested Apple will launch a significantly upgraded Mac mini integrating home multimedia capabilities at Macworld Expo, San Francisco next month.”

Full article here.

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    That is all.

  2. been reading stuff about how apple wil be ready with intel hardware. besides Tiger and a little of iTunes i’ve heard of, will they have iLife ready by then? wil it no longer come with mactel machines?

  3. MDN, we have all read this story a hundred time. It would be nice to know when another source worth talking about has info on this but this guy is just noting that the timiing works, something we already know. His report doesn’t make intel macs any more or less likely and so it is boring.

    When you find a story about someone ADDING NEW INFO, which we call news, please add it to your news site, or change the name to

    When you do add said article please don’t regurgitate the headline you’ve used a thousand times. Try something like ¨So and So supports IntelMac Jan launch date rumor” I am tired of reading articles in which someone makes a passing reference to this possibilty and is probably just taking this info from the rumors already discussed here. Watering down the relevancy of what you post makes your readers unhappy.

  4. seeegs,

    If I remember correctly, SJ said at WWDC 2005 that iLife was either already recompiled in UB or would be soon. You can bet that if they’ve had this move on their minds for five years, they built all their software in a way that it would be easily recompiled. I’d be really surprised if Apple wasn’t the first company to have all their software available in UBs.

  5. I’d say it would be impossible for Final Cut Pro to be ready for the Intel rollout. It was the last Apple app to move over to OS X and it took almost a year to get there.

    Which is fine for Powermacs through 2007, but what about Powerbooks editing?

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