Thurrott: ‘Mac users have it good’ – Digital photo and video software better on Mac than Windows

“Digital photos are fun and easy to acquire and share, but one thing most people don’t realize is that, to be as good looking as possible, virtually every digital photo needs to be corrected in some way. To do this, you need software. On the Macintosh, check out Apple iPhoto 5, which comes as part of iLife ’05 ($79.99, or free with any new Mac purchase). Apple’s iPhoto 5 is super-simple to use, features automatic and advanced editing tools, and—best of all—can be used to make stunning photo books,” Paul Thurrott writes for Connected Home Media.

“On the PC, things are a bit more complicated, as usual. One of the best photo-management tools, Google’s Picassa, is free, so it doesn’t make for much of a gift. But take a look at Microsoft’s under-appreciated Digital Image Suite 2006 ($59.99), which features a handy task-based interface that makes editing and managing photos easier than ever. If you’re looking for a more advanced tool, don’t overlook Adobe PhotoShop Elements 4.0 ($88.99), which offers virtually all the features of its high-end cousin—without the cost,” Thurrott writes.

“As with digital photos, there’s no such thing as a perfect home video. In fact, the video that comes out of your camcorder is likely in far worse shape than your photos and in need of serious editing. The problem? Video editing is slow and monotonous, and no one wants to sit in front of a PC for hours, watching video render in real time. Fear not: Plenty of decent video-editing solutions are available, and real humans can use them,” Thurrott writes.

“On the Mac, your choice is simple: Simply use Apple iMovie HD, which comes as part of iLife ’05 ($79.99, or free with any new Macintosh purchase). This product is still incredibly easy to use, works with HD and widescreen video, and features the most full-featured editing tools I’ve ever seen in an entry-level package. Also available in iLife ’05 is iDVD 5, which is still the best DVD movie-making application on any platform. Mac users have it good,” Thurrott writes. “On the PC, unsurprisingly, things aren’t quite so clear-cut. There are a number of movie-editing and DVD-making applications available for Windows, but most are pretty horrible. Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 ($88.99) is an exception, and although it’s pretty complex because it’s modeled after the high-end Premiere Pro solution, it works with virtually every movie format on Earth and features exceptional editing tools. My favorite PC-based DVD maker is still Sonic MyDVD Studio 6.1: It’s no iDVD, but it’s the most consumer-friendly DVD maker on the PC, and it features a simple, task-based UI, photo slideshow features, 16:9 widescreen support, and TiVo compatibility. For an even simpler solution for home movies, check out Ulead VideoStudio 9 ($49.99 after rebates), which might just be the quickest way to get your DV videos ported to DVD movies.”

Full article here.

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  1. He’s setting himself up for when Vista comes out.

    I predict: “Oh, M$ has caught up and in some cases, even surpassed it’s smaller rival. What an amazing job this company has done, even they are six years late.”


  2. I’ve had to try many consumer-level video editing programs on the PC, in order to help my PC colleagues with PC-editing (I create instruction for a living).

    So far, all the PC applications I’ve tried suck. To paraphrase Thurott, “not surprisingly…”

    Thank goodness for iMovie. And let’s give Paulie a break, he’s coming round…

  3. Once again, it’s good to see that Paul is taking his tablets.
    Any Mac user can tell you what he said, but it’s really good to see someone with some in the press write it.
    Good press like this helps people decide to switch.
    Now if only Apple would advertise….

  4. I’m not typically so negative, but have you read his stuff before? Whether the operating system has anything to do with anything, this man is trying to make a living. He drums up hits to his site by saying practically anything. At this time, he has nothing to say about Windows because it generally sucks and there’s little happening. He is waiting for something to say, but what is he supposed to do, ignore what’s in front of him? Notice his site’s name– he hasn’t exactly changed it to Applesupersite, has he?

    Just you wait and see. What seems like a “typical” response to you now may look very different next year.

  5. what a perfect article showing why Macs are the shazizzle. I have a windows friend who thinks himself an amateur movie maker, but he’s this weird staunch anti-Apple guy. We worked on a project over the summer and it was very painful for him to see the software I was using to edit. He liked iMovie sooooooo much, but poor him, he’ll never bring himself to buy an Apple. People are weird.

  6. A. Investor–

    Apple stock needs to drop, even just to settle the stomachs of skittish investment houses. It will rise again. I wish I could buy more… seriously.

    Just two seconds ago, Rush Limbaugh named the iPod his gift of the week. Whether or not you like his politics, his audience likes what he has to say. It’s not like Apple isn’t already on a roll anyway.

    Worry if Thurrott starts talking stocks…

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