Intel’s Yonah demo shows TiVo-like features buoying rumors of Apple Mac mini digital hub with DVR

“Intel is not only prepping its next-generation chips for laptops, but also for PC-based home media centers, perhaps signaling the company’s first step toward consumer/entertainment devices. Buoying circulating rumors of Apple’s own desire to develop Mac mini with TiVo-like features, the company demonstrated its own version of the device featuring the new Yonah processor, according to The Wall Street Journal. The report says that Intel is attempting to build a brand called Viiv, which “will be applied to a new generation of PCs that are styled as home media centers. Besides supplying chips for the effort, Intel is trying to persuade media companies and hardware makers to adapt their products to work together, and identify the offerings it has certified with a Viiv logo,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]

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  1. maybe apple will do something cool like have it laser etched into the metal side of the mac mini, like they do with iPods, hey, at least it would be better than a plasticy multicolored sticker bolted on…

  2. So, let me get this straight – Intel has designed the chipset, the formfactor (about the size of a “paperback book”), and according to other reports is even a major force in obtaining content. What exactly is left for Apple to do? I mean, I’m sure Front Row will be pumped up appropriately, but my point is that it seems a large portion of ‘the whole widget’ – maybe even most of it – is no longer under Apple’s control. Ramifications? There almost certainly has to be.

    If you believe Apple’s Widget Control has always been a net positive, then in the short term, obviously, a lot of Apple’s talent in hardware design will have to start looking for new jobs (whether inside or outside the company). Medium term, maybe the seemless Apple experience will start showing some frayed threads. And longer term, with so little to do on the hardware side of things, the creative juices Apple is now awash in might actually start drying up.

    If, on the otherhand, you think all that widget talk was a bunch of hoo-ha anyway, then you could argue that Apple will be able to better allocate their talents for what they’re best at (i.e. software).

    If the former is true, then the first Macintel products may be the best we’ll ever see, since the ‘whole widget’ talents of the company will still hold some sway at first, but will eventually – inevitably – start ebbing away thereafter. If you believe the latter however, then the sky is the limit after the January announcments in San Fran, for stock prices especially.

    Problem is, it’ll be a few years before we’ll know for sure one way or the other.

  3. “Intel is attempting to build a brand called Viiv, which ‘will be applied to a new generation of PCs…'”

    Let’s hope they’re using the term ‘PC’ to mean the usual ‘Windows-based computer’ (PC = ‘Popular Crap’), and not the more correct but seldom intended ‘Personal Computer’ which would include Macs.

    Think Indifferent.

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