More blood on Apple iPod’s Click Wheel: Thomson gives up on MP3 player, CE markets

“Apple has driven yet another iPod competitor to the wall, this time French company, Thomson,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK. “Thomson is to sell the last of its consumer electronics assets by June 2006, in order to focus on providing media industry services.”

“Its consumer electronics division, ‘Connectivity by Thomson’ offers MP3 players, audio video accessories, business and home telephone products,” Evans reports. “Thomson is also known for its television sets, a business division it has now also sold.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 6:55pm EST: Corrected spelling of Thomson.]
iPod, you killer. Thomson, we hardly knew ya. And, based upon the picture of your MP3 player over on Macworld UK, we can tell that not knowing you very well was a Very Good Thing™ for us.

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  1. Err.. this is Mac Daily News right? And there is an iPod Daily News too right? So why are there two sites when the MacDN is now all iPodDN too?

    Seasons greetings from a Grumpy Macaday.

  2. I sold Thompson commercial telephone systems during the mid ’80s. Not much fun. They were expensive and difficult to support. As a viable competitor in telecom hardware they died a quick death in the US.

  3. They’re better off getting out of consumer electronics altogether and focus on their professional assets. Thomson probably makes more money licensing Technicolor than they do selling RCA products. It’s no longer a brand that’s synonymous with innovative technology.

    The only good thing going for RCA right now is that the only undefeated team in the NFL plays in a barn with their name on it…

  4. Well Thomsons demise means more business for Creative, whats left over from Apple that is.

    Personally, Creative make me cringe, they are creepy, by the design so close to iPod, it is like a lie, they look like iPods… they must be!… no-way… A turd looks like Chocolate Mousse doesnt it? But the taste test, reveals all.

  5. Thomson or Thompson?… Make up your mind MDN! If You´re all about busting bad journalism, try getting it right yourselves at least… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Never heard of Thompson by the way.

  6. Got to know when to hold ’em,

    Know when to fold ’em,

    Know when to walk away,

    And know when to run.

    You can’t count your money,

    while sitting at the table,

    There will be time enough for counting,

    when the dealing is done.

    MDN word “anyone” Like does anyone know who the artist is that sings the song above?

  7. Kenny Rogers in the movie “The Gambler”

    Thanks to recent moves by the RIAA against song lyrics being easily found on the internet, it took considerable time to find the artist of this song.

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