iPod accessories now surpass $300 million annually as iPod paves Apple’s path into living room

“As if the iPod isn’t cool enough by itself. The little mobile wonderbox from Apple is striving to be the anchor of your personal entertainment toy department, pushing video to your TV, cueing the slide show of your vacation, ginning up music on the house sound system or in your ride, and giving you Teri Hatcher and her desperate gal friends on the go.
A rich ecosystem has taken root around the iPod, fed by a dizzying array of accessories — more than 1,000 — that extend the reach and versatility of the device well beyond its native form as an already impressive mobile music and video player. ‘It’s emerging as a content-foraging device,’ said Michael McGuire, a research director for the Gartner Group in Stamford, Conn.,” John P. Mello Jr. writes for The Boston Globe.

“The iPod accessories market has become a powerhouse in its own right, to the tune of more than $300 million annually, and sales of such products are growing faster, on a percentage basis, than the device itself, said Gavin Downey, a director of product management at accessory maker Belkin Corp., in Compton, Calif. In the early days of the iPod, he noted, there was a relatively low ‘attach rate’ from the unit. For every 15 to 20 iPods sold, one unit of accessories moved. Today, it’s almost a one-to-one ratio,” Mello Jr. writes.

”’If you spend so much time getting it right on your iPod, why wouldn’t you want to integrate that device with your home stereo system?’ said Ben Davis, vice president for product development for the Canberra, Australia-based company. Davis sees the iPod as a lynchpin for breaking down what has been an impenetrable silo for computer devices — the living room. ‘Because of Apple’s marketing, people already feel comfortable with the iPod and connecting it to a computer and listening to audio,” he said. ”So it won’t be a far step to take that and integrate it into a high-end home environment in the living room.’ That step, though, will require more than repackaging a computer and adding the word media to its name, added McGuire, of Gartner. ‘If Apple’s going to do something, it’s got to be something cool,’ he said. ‘It can’t make just something else you can throw on your rack,'” Mello Jr. writes.

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  1. Has anyone seen the accessories for the so-called iPod killers out there? I saw a small display of covers for some forgettable brand of MP3 player and it looked so sad. Even the PSP accessories look like a sad version of what is available for the iPod. I just feel sorry for anyone who spends money on these me-too MP3 players and their me-too accessories.

  2. …and furthermore, because of media market metrics… blah blah …synergistic copopulating relational interdependancies… blah blee …Apple is making the same mistake it made with the Mac… blee bloo …doomed to failure and just another short lived fad.

    Hey! I think I got this whole “market analyst” thing down.

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