CSFB ups Apple target price to $82, Apple hits new all-time high in intraday trading

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) hit a new all-time high in intraday NASDAQ trading. Shares rose $0.98, or 1.33%, to hit $75.32 on heavy volume of 9,933,315 shares after Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) upped its stock price target for Apple to $82 from $56 while also raising first-quarter estimates.

CSFB raised its estimate of iPod shipments to 11 million from 9.45 million as it believes shipments will exceed initial expectations for the first quarter of 2006.

Apple’s previous all-time high was $74.83, set on 12/06/2005.

Apple’s 52-week low was $30.80, set on 12/21/2004.

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  1. I want a high paying analyst job in which I can look at what actually happens (AAPL rising to mid-$70s) and then revise an old, inaccurate AAPL estimate to a new, higher estimate and say “job well done!”

    Ironically, my MDN magic word is “economic,” as in, analysts add no economic value…

  2. A doctor that I used to work with (he has since moved to Florida) didn’t want to buy Apple stock back when it was in the mid-30’s pre-split. The reason– the P/E ratio was too high according to the ‘experts’.

    Since that time, Apple has hit $90/share, split 2 for 1 and run up to the middle 70’s/share. I think the ‘experts’ were and still are, wrong. I bought some shares in the low teens with leftover tax return money a couple of years back. If I would have invested more heavily, I could be retired now.

  3. I follow more of the trends of buyers and Apple remains on a growing upswing. Only a couple of analysts– Piper Jaffray and Bears Stearns– seem to have any insight into Apple’s business. They have Mac users there almost certainly. Others look at their charts and watch from afar and really seedm to follow buying and selling trends, not accurately predict them.

    This is not a risk free endeavor, so be careful. But keep your ears open. If Apple seems to be continuing to gain popularity…

  4. I have been investing in Apple over a decade now, and I would sell the Friday before MacWorld. No matter what Steve announces, the stock will fall. And, I believe whatever Intel products Steve may announce, may not be shipping, immediately. Just my 2cts.

  5. I bought 13 ~two weeks ago at 71.97. I am considering borrowing $ to get in on this. It can grow a lot higher in earnings and a lot of people are fed up with Microsoft. The knowledge of Mac is spreading…

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