Mac OS X system optimization utility ‘Cache Out X’ updated for Mac OS X 10.2 – 10.4

NoName Scriptware, in conjunction with Jim Mitchell Designs, has released an updated version of their Mac OS X maintenance utility “Cache Out X” which adds OS X 10.4 (Tiger) compatibility and fixes several issues reported by users.

According to Jim Mitchell (of Jim Mitchell Designs), who recently took over development of the software, “Cache Out X (COX) is a handy tool that deep cleans your computer’s system, getting to, and deleting the multitude of cache files generated by OS X and web browsers. By using COX, you can get your computer feeling like it did the first time you bought it. The application deletes virtual memory swap files, system and user cache files, purges system logs, as well as removing cookies and other Internet related navigation and download cache files.”

The latest version (4.6.1) addresses the following issues:
– Updated to include support for Tiger (OS X 10.4).
– Added internet cache cleaning routines for Firefox 1.5.
– Fixed AppleScript errors reported by some users of v4.5b1.
– Several other under the hood code optimizations.

More information about Cache Out X and download link is available from NoName Scriptware here.

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  1. either I’m doing something wrong, or I’ve got a TON of files being removed.

    downloaded and it’s running on my imac, and my g4dual… it’s been running on both for 5 hours….

    anybody else have anything like this with this program?

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