CBS to deliver short TV show clips to Verizon Wireless mobile phones

“Verizon Wireless plans to start sending clips of popular CBS shows ‘CSI,’ ‘Survivor’ and ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ to mobile phones, marking CBS’s first foray into wireless video, the companies said on Wednesday,” Reuters reports. “The clips will be available to customers of Verizon Wireless’s V Cast video service and are aimed at luring more consumers to use a high-speed wireless network it is building.”

“Networks like CBS see this trend as a way to win new viewers and give new options to existing ones. Some, like NBC, are also making agreements with Apple Computer Inc. to have whole shows or clips run on its video iPod device,” Reuters reports. “While the iPod needs to be connected to a computer for video downloads, clips are delivered to cellphones wirelessly. Rather than airing full shows, V Cast will carry shorter clips, including part of Letterman’s monologue from ‘Late Show’ and highlights from other shows. It will run preview clips of CBS series ‘CSI’ and ‘Survivor.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “little man” for the heads up.]

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  1. Here’s hoping that CBS shows some sense and makes a deal with Apple soon. If they think they’re going to make a load of cash by pushing “short clips” of video to cell phones they greatly mistaken.

  2. ->”Rather than airing full shows, V Cast will carry shorter clips, including part of Letterman’s monologue from “Late Show” and highlights from other shows. It will run preview clips of CBS series “CSI” and “Survivor.”

    This sounds like they want me to pay for minutes to watch commercials?

  3. Verizon will be the only one making money. Lets see how the clips are handled after they are recieved. Can I off load to my Mac? Can I use them in other ways that don’t effect copyrights?

  4. Just what the world needs, more people walking around with their cell phones oblivious to their surroundings, running into things and people, driving erratically all over the road.

    Yeah. I’d love to be run over by some dolt trying to dial up CSI on their cellphone.

  5. Oh.My.God!!!
    Entertainment Tonight with BREAKING NEWS.
    HOW could i be able to live WITHOUT this feature?
    Now I will FINALLY be able to keep uptodate when Brittney decides to marry yet again, Paris throws away another doggy, and J-Lo comes out with another movie masterpiece!

    And look! I could have been informed WHEN THE STORY BROKE, that Ashlee Simpson had a problem with anorexia!

  6. Maybe someone’ll upload a “clip” of the nutjob who got shot by an air marshall today?!?




  7. You know, sometimes people will do ANYTHING just so they’re not following the “herd”–even if the herd is grazing on fields of money! How stupid can CBS possibly be? Let’s hope ABC, NBC, FOX, et al., eat their shorts!

  8. Verizon has been running a lot of ads for vCast during CBS’ NFL broadcasts. I’m sure the genii at Verizon think this is gonna be a great money spinner for them, but they have yet to advertise a single thing related to vCast that makes me even want to try it for free much less consider spending any money. I mean are the engineers running the marketing of this stupidity?

  9. It always amazes me that these guys are making gross amounts of money, like the dopes at CBS.

    first the screen on my phone stinks as it probably does on many phones.

    Who is going to pay even more money a month for Vcast on top of the outrageous charges already levied by Verizon. Their least expensive package for wireless phone service is $40 a month. How many people will even subscribe to Vcast?

    I hope FOX is smarter than that and offers The simpsons and Family guy on iTunes or at least make them available for download at FOX web sites.

    CBS is really heading in the wrong direction. Too bad, it would be cool to have Letterman on iTunes.

    MDN word STILL: as in CBS STILL doesn’t get it

  10. hahahahahahahahahaha

    CBS is so out of touch!!

    CSI clips ob my cell phone — wow, and just who is asking for such silliness???

    get with itunes, cbs, or risk your “old image network” identity getting cast in stone…

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