Security company Sophos: Apple Mac the best route for security for the masses

“Experts at UK security company Sophos suggest Apple might be the best route to security for the masses – that is, until consumers all buy one,” Matt Whipp writes for PC Pro. “UK security company’s senior technology consultant Graham Cluley rolled out the damning virus statistics for 2005, showing that with a 48 per cent rise in new viruses, buying a Windows box has never been more risky.”

Whipp writes, “This year saw nearly 16,000 new viruses added to the Sophos database… Plug an unprotected Apple or Linux box onto the Internet, and you can expect to see the infection rate flatline, said Cluley. That’s not to say there are no viruses for Mac OS X or the various Linux distributions, but Windows viruses dwarf them. ‘It wouldn’t really work for businesses,’ said Cluley, ‘But for consumers I think [Apple] is quite good.'”

Whipp writes, “You can accuse it of security through obscurity, but in a world where 70 per cent of Windows users don’t feel the responsibility of securing their computers, perhaps they are better off with a less targetted platform. Perhaps they don’t deserve Windows… Last month saw the biggest slew of new viruses on record, with some 1,940 new signatures added to the Sophos library.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Where, oh where, do they make this caliber of idiot writers? There are zero Mac OS X viruses. None. Nada. Zilch. Nil. Just zero. As in, none. 0. Security via Obscurity is a myth clung to by people who’ve unfortunately wasted their time and money upon Windows and now need a defense mechanism to protect their fragile minds from realizing the depths of their mistake. See Stockholm Syndrome for related information. Mac OS X would work for businesses and does work for thousands worldwide each and every day. Whipp writes, “Perhaps they don’t deserve Windows.” Who does deserve Windows, exactly? Our list: Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Rob Enderle, Rob Glaser, Saddam Hussein, death row inmates, all members of The Society of Inept Imitations, followers, console-less gamers, those too cheap for their own good, Wal-Mart computer shoppers (don’t buy your computer in Wal-Mart, folks), those unable to understand price/performance and/or total cost of ownership, people who’d rather work on getting their computers to work than using their computers to get work done, people who don’t understand that you get what you pay for, those who want to risk the contents of their computers, those who want to be scammed, those who enjoy monopoly abusers, sadomasochists, Registry lovers, people who see only sticker prices, those who like things upside down and backwards, people who think intuitive things are too easy, spyware/bloatware/malware/adware/virus/worm developers…

There are zero-percent (0%) of viruses for the Mac OS X platform that should, logically, have some 10-16% of the world’s viruses if platforms’ install bases dictated the numbers of viruses. The fact that Mac OS X has zero (0) viruses discounts “security via obscurity.” There should be at least some Mac OS X viruses. There are none. The reason for this fact is not attributable solely to “obscurity,” it’s attributable to superior security design.

According to Apple, there are “close to 16 million Mac OS X users” in the world and there are still zero (0) viruses. According to CNET, the Windows Vista Beta was released “to about 10,000 testers” at the time the first Windows Vista virus arrived. So much for the security via obscurity myth.

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  1. After reading the article, it just makes me wonder if there are really any real journalists left in this small world. This article is so bobus that the author is just spewing bovine fecal matter. What makes this even worse is that it has hit the proverbial fan. I would strong urge the mac community to write to the editor and demand an immediate retraction.

  2. jeez! Calm down MDN. or change the “Take” to the “frustrated Rant”

    Don’t sugercoat it, tell us how you really feel.

    (Was in EB Games yesterday looking at a CrashBox 360 (actually trolling for reasons to dis it), told this kid i refused to have anything from Microsoft in my house, he says “So you don’t have a computer then?” This from a kid I am sure knows what an iPod is. The musician I was talking to knew I meant Macs of course, as he is a not so recent switcher)

    MW-efforts, my efforts in trolling were successful

  3. My God…
    MDN just cannot take a complement to OSX can it?

    In an article talking predominantly about Windows, the following are the bottom-line, take-home messages the article-reader gets.

    1- “Plug an unprotected XP computer to the Internet and there’s only a 6 per cent chance of avoiding infection within an hour. “

    2- “But there are other options. Plug an unprotected Apple or Linux box onto the Internet, and you can expect to see the infection rate flatline, said Cluley.”

    That’s not bad IMHO.

  4. MDN, Be careful with that “Don’t buy your computer at Wal-Mart” stuff. Who knows how much time and market share it will take before we see Macs at “the Wall-marks”

  5. Man, I live for the MDN takes, awesome, yes, I need a life. Gee, that Western Union ad is in my face, but what can i say I haven’t spent a dime here, and I visit MDN everyday.

    mw-outside, but s__t its -4 F.

  6. “Security through Obscurity?” …

    Dont believe it !

    And whats this MicroShaft Server ad doing at a mac related site ??

    MDN … oh please tell me you havent gone to the dark side ?

  7. Ads, what ads..? I don’t see any, not even one.. Feel like I must be missing out… then again perhaps not.

    But note I will route to the Apple store via MDN when I next buy… like the Xmas presents next week!

    And as for the donkey that wrote the article about Sophos… Ican only think its all about them trying -with FUD- to preserve their business. It’ll be very quiet for them once everyone has switched!

  8. “MDN just cannot take a complement to OSX can it?”

    Not when it’s a backhanded and inaccurate “complement.”

    Note they also said…”not to say there are no viruses for Mac OS X or the various Linux distributions, but Windows viruses dwarf them.”

    That is blatantly false seeing as how there are zero viruses as of this moment.

  9. This just in …

    Digitimes sez Mac Intels will arrive next June .. for those interested … read it .. now… or at MDN later ..

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

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