Steve Jobs to eventually take his NYC big glass cube with him

“The long-awaited deal for Apple’s sprawling subterranean store in the GM building was recently finalized—but only after landlord Harry Macklowe promised Steve Jobs he could take his big $9 million glass cube with him at the end of the lease. Techno aesthete Jobs personally designed the 32-foot-by-32-foot box that will mark the store’s entrance on the Fifth Avenue plaza (formerly home to a T.G.I.Friday’s). ‘Steve Jobs felt that he created the cube so he owned it,’ says Apple broker Robert Futterman, noting that Macklowe wanted it to stay put. ‘At the eleventh hour, that was the biggest issue,'” Deborah Schoeneman reports for New York Magazine. “At the end of the twenty-year lease, Jobs must replace the cube with a comparable structure before hauling it off.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 4:33pm EST: Photo of Apple’s glass cube under construction here. Artist’s rendering of the finished cube here.]

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  1. Steve should replace the cube with a spinning, floating deltoidal icositetrahedron that randomly presents microscopic tears in the fabric of the space-time continuum within a fifty foot radius of the structure. He’s got twenty years. Do it, RDF Man!

  2. After 20 years it will look like trash and SJ will kick the bucket anyway so who is the real winner here?

    Face it kids, we got 20 years of great computing left before Bill Gates swallows us whole.

    Enjoy it while we can.

    MDN Word: Progress, If Windows is progress what does that make Apple?

  3. Uhhhh… honestly I wouldn’t want to put $9 Million into something that a kid with a BB gun could take out. I mean the only thing that prevents wackos from destroying the national monuments at random is the fact that they’re made of big hunks of stone and steal. And Jobs designed it? Of course engineers went over the design, but how structurally solid is it? Will cracking a wall or two bring it down?

  4. Somebody didn’t like it and is puking in the garbage.

    Must be a Microsoft employee.

    MDN Word: “surface” Like when you scratch the surface, you’ll realize most of the world is poor inferior folks who deserve Microsoft’s mistreatment.

  5. I’m taking my ball (err, cube) and going home!

    Let’s face it, in 20 years they’ll either want to renew the lease anyway, or else the cube will look so outdated nobody but Steve would want it anyway. So who cares?

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