More blood on Apple iPod’s Click Wheel: BenQ withdraws from MP3 player markets

Add BenQ to the list of vanquished “iPod killers” which includes Virgin Electronics, Rio, and Olympus. DigiTimes is reporting that BenQ will withdraw its Joybee line of MP3 players from Taiwan’s iPod market citing stiff competition from Apple’s line of iPod music players. BenQ plans to soon introduce a series of MP3 mobile phones according to the report.

Full article here.

According to, BenQ is also pulling its Joybee line of MP3 players from the Korean iPod market, too.

Full article here.

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As MacDailyNews reader “TimD” recently wrote in response to the article detailing Olympus’ exit from the iPod market: “iPod, killer.”

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  1. A “joybee” was like a sony walkman bean or a creative zen is today – in that these products are designed as immovable shelf space holders / dust measurement devices. It seems that due to contracts, only upon discontinuation, can retailers actually finally remove them and replace them with wildly salable Apple iPods.

  2. The “Blood on the Click Wheel” SECTION of MDN is my favorite. I cannot wait to read that Creative has joined the ranks of Rio et al. Perhaps Creative and Napster will have a joint press release. Hey, Christmas is just around the corner!

  3. Every iPod should come preloaded with:

    “There was whiskey on my breath and blood on the wheel
    And bright lights in my face…’Hey, what’s the big idea!'”

    – from Cadillac Jack by Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes

  4. Every iPod should come preloaded with:

    The entire Blood, Sweat & Tears catalog. Or maybe just “And When I Die”:

    “And when I die, and when I’m dead, dead and gone
    There’ll be one child born to carry on, to carry on!”

    Or maybe “Go Down Gamblin'” would be more apropos:

    “Go down gamblin’, say it when you’re running low!”

    Because that’s what the other mp3 player manufacturers are experiencing right about now — losing a lot of “Blood”, drenched with a lot of “Sweat”, and crying a river of “Tears”.

    There all doing a lot of gamblin’, but the iPod will be the one child left at the end of the day.

  5. I haven’t read about the Apple Death Knell (sp) lately. Has anyone else read anything about Apple going out of business? I’m wondering if the analyst’s have stopped analizing. They really should.

  6. Horn Man,

    Love your music selection. I have just about every BS&T CD. How about “Sometimes in Winter” for the iPod wannabes:

    “Sometimes In Winter
    I wish the empty streets
    Would fill with laughter from the tears
    That ease my pain”

  7. If everyone stuck to doing what they do best instead of competing with each other there wouldn’t be these problems. I’m sure Apple couldn’t make a decent digital camera as much as Panasonic can’t make a decent mp3 player. Instead of competing, work together.

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