Chicago Sun-Times: Apple’s Mac OS X ‘the easiest, most reliable, and overall best operating system’

“I state confidently that the Mac operating system is the easiest, the most reliable and overall the best OS on the planet,” Andy Ihnatko writes for The Chicago Sun-Times.

“When I get flaming e-mails stating otherwise, I shake my head sympathetically and note that this is what years of using Windows does to your soul. Unless the correspondent is a Linux user, in which case I grumblingly concede the reliability point but stand firm on everything else,” Ihnatko writes. “This latest edition is a tremendous leap forward. It’s The Who playing live at Leeds, where Windows is your kid’s middle-school class playing ‘Jingle Bells’ on the recorder.”

Full article here.

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  1. I like the analogy, but i always thought Mac OS X was the Hendrix at Woodstock, while windows was the roadie with diarrhea, simultaniously puking his guts up behind the port-a-loo.
    well its definately something to mull over. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Any wonder Mr. Dell wants to put it in his boxes.

    Speaking of Mr. Dell.

    I have an Iraqi Kurdish friend who says that the word pronounced ‘Dell’ in Kurdish means ‘bitch’.

    ‘Life is a dell’

  3. Not surprising.

    I have a had a slowdown with Safari 2.0.2 – bit too much of the beachball- so thought I’d share this as it solved it and put it back to its blazing fast, super-snappy self by doing this:

    – switched off ALL form fills (will turn on when needed only)
    – cleared 2,000+ cookies
    – made ~user/library/safari/icons directory ‘Read Only’
    – cleared cache

    The results were just fantastic. Absolutely no beachball, even opening 12 mega-sites in tabs in a go.

  4. “When I get flaming e-mails stating otherwise, I shake my head sympathetically and note that this is what years of using Windows does to your soul.”

    The Stockholm Syndrome on a global scale. The really sad part is that most people have come to accept difficulty, vulnerability and unreliability in computing as the norm. It’s too painful for them to believe there are better ways.

    But don’t worry, Windows Fista will solve all of your problems.

  5. The Sun-Times is the #2 newspaper in Chicago behind the Tribune.

    Chicago Tribune
    Letter to the Editor:
    Phone: 312-222-3348
    Fax: 312-222-2598
    Headquarters: Chicago
    Owner: Tribune Company
    Total Circulation: 680,879*
    Circulation Rank: #7 out of 1,413*

    Chicago Sun-Times
    Phone: 312-321-3000
    Fax: 773-229-2500
    Headquarters: Chicago
    Owner: Hollinger International
    Total Circulation: 410,000*
    Circulation Rank: #15 out of 1,413*

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