Report: TiVo to add Mac OS X support for TiVoToGo ‘sometime next year’

“TiVoToGo lets owners of TiVo boxes transfer TV shows to their computers, including laptops. The content can also be transferred to gadgets compatible with Microsoft’s Portable Media Center format. TiVo is expanding that service by permitting shows to be encoded and transferred to Sony’s portable game machine, the PlayStation Portable, and to iPods capable of playing video,” Scott Ard reports for CNET News. “TiVo said beta testing will begin in ‘coming weeks’ for owners of newer Series2 boxes who also own a video iPod or PSP. By April of next year, all subscribers should be able to use the feature.”

Ard reports, “TiVoToGo does not support the Mac operating system, so this extension of the program also will not be available. A Mac version of the service is expected sometime next year. To recap: TiVo owners with a Series2 box who subscribe directly with TiVo and have a Windows-based PC and a video-capable iPod or PSP can use the service.”

Full article here.

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Oh, the good old “sometime next year” line, huh? Forgive us for not believing it until we see it. Long-time Mac users know that “Mac support coming soon” too often means “get lost Mac users, we can’t bother to support you.” Hey, maybe TiVo will be the exception to the rule? We’re watching and waiting TiVo.

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  1. I love the iPod (with video). I do a lot of traveling and it has been great to have a tiny personal entertainment system to take along. The small screen has been no problem for my 52 year old eyes. It’s bright and crisp. At 12 to 18 inches away it’s very viewable. The sound quality is fantastic and really adds to the impact of watching movies.

    My only complaint is battery life for video viewing. It needs to be longer…. a lot longer.

    If Tivo would support the Mac and come up with a quick and seamless method for getting content into my iPod (with video) I’d probably actually GET A TIVO, but not until I read that the system is in place and WORKS!

    I’ve got no time to sit in front of the TV. I want video to go!

  2. My only problem with the video iPod is other people. Whenever I pull it out to watch something a crowd gathers and starts asking lots of questions. As a good Mac citizen I try to be nice and answer questions but I just want to get into my shows not be a demo person.

  3. “My only complaint is battery life for video viewing. It needs to be longer…. a lot longer”

    I wish airlines would cigarette lighter sockets at each seat so we could make use of all those auto power adapters we own. There always seems to be the question, “will my laptop/iPod/PSP make it through the flight?”. Especially after you’ve arrived early to the airport and have already sucked a couple of hours worth of juice from your device’s battery while waiting for the plane.

  4. This is so friggin’ AWESOME! I love seeing Mac freaks kept out of the loop. You turds are yesterday’s news. No one’s switching to Macs- that’s just all you latecomer OS9 users finally switching over to OSX. There’s no halo, you shitstains. Macs suck and Intel or not they’ll always blow. I just can’t WAIT for Intel to be on Macs, and then watch every company program ONLY for Windows. BWAAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAHHHHHH!!!

    The only reason the iPod’s a success at all is cuz of Windows users,you sodomites! No one switches to Macs. Maybe you Mac queers “switch” a lot, but not Windows users- we’re tried and true. So FSCK OFF, you bitches. WINDOWS rules. PC’s rule. And Mac-using women are ugly lesbian skanks.

    Oh yaah, just for fun I wear dresses.

  5. Many newer series aircraft (Boeing 737-800, 767-400, 777 — don’t know about Airbus off the top of my head) have outlets in the seats — even in coach. This is not the standard car “cigarette lighter” plug, but a plug for which several vendors sell Powerbook adapters. I’ve been using one routinely for about 4 years now.

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