CSFB: Apple Computer is ‘top pick’ in personal computer market

“Credit Suisse First Boston research analyst Robert Semple maintained a ‘marketweight’ rating on the PC hardware sector after October results from market researcher NPD revealed ‘elastic’ consumer demand driven by aggressive pricing. ‘Within the PC market, we continue to prefer the profitable share gainers with compelling product cycles, with Apple Computer as our top pick,’ said Semple,” Maya Roney reports for Forbes. “Capitalizing on its strong position in retail, Hewlett-Packard grew its units a combined 25% year over year and maintained share for the first time in several months. Meanwhile, Apple saw its unit growth slow to 23%, but it has still delivered over 50% unit growth year to date.”

Roney reports, “The analyst has ‘outperform’ ratings on Apple, Sony, and Toshiba. He has a ‘neutral’ rating on Hewlett-Packard.”

Full article here.

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  1. theloniousMac, what ring?

    Having walked those halls a bit in the last few years, including with various ASDs, I haven’t seen a Mac in the building in over 5 years. That’s not to say they don’t exist. Certainly I have not even been in 20% of that building, but I just have not seen any Macs there in over 5 years.

    I know the Army a while back decreed that several of their servers needed to transition to Macs because they were more secure (web servers which could not be hacked into as easily), but I’ve yet to actually see them.

  2. Sputnik put in an appearance a week or so back. But he isn’t what he used to be!

    Well it won’t help to know if there ARE Macs in the Pentagon but every UK produced drama about MI5 and related have rafts of iMacs on show – all sporting an iSight! In fact the Beeb got into trouble recently for advertising Macs.

    So. Where perception goes..reality soon follows.

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