Sony BMG infected music CDs could be good for consumer rights

“‘We have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve.’ This World War II quote should be echoed in the hectic halls of Sony-BMG. Except, this time, the sleeping giant is not America, but the consumer – and this giant will not be easily put down. For those not in the know – Sony-BMG recently added “security” measures to the CD’s of their artists in an effort to curb piracy. However, Sony’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) scheme was little more than a piece of glorified spyware. Now, everyone from Microsoft, to the consumer to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is up in arms over the malicious code and Sony’s recent attempts to defend its use and implementation,” David Walker writes for eHomeUpgrade.

“Until recently, the music studios fought a digital distribution method for music until Apple forced them into the game. The traditional models of revenue are quickly being antiquated and the studios are panicking. The “compromise” was to use DRM; managing what you could do with the DVD or CD you had bought. However, with no standard for DRM, the studios were left to determine what you could do with “their” content. For the most part, consumers have been either a) unaware of DRM or b) aware and unconcerned. To the average consumer, DRM doesn’t matter as long as the music they want ends up on their iPod. Enter Sony-BMG,” Walker writrs. “The average consumer is beginning to wake; and seeing DRM in the same light as viruses and spyware is definitely NOT what the major studios were hoping for. If this issue is kept alive in the media and the blogosphere, the studios will be forced to open the dialogue on DRM and consumer rights. Hopefully, DRM and consumer rights can be discussed, and a solution devised, that will allow the consumer to use his purchased media without the fear of criminal persecution or a spyware infected PC.”

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MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews are boycotting all Sony products until this and other “copy-protected CD” issues are addressed appropriately by Sony and recommend that our 2.2+ million unique visitors per month from 136 countries worldwide do the same.

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  1. Let’s hope Sony continues to bungle this issue and set itself up for multiple big lawsuit damages, and end up raisining awareness for everyone. Only then will there be any chance that the industry will step away from the idea of nefarious DRM.

    And just check out the customer reviews for the new Neil Diamond and Van Zant CDs on Amazon. And when are artists going to stop prostituting themselves to the labels and actually negotiate maintaining rights over such things as copy protection in order to prevent damage to their names by association?

  2. [MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews are boycotting all Sony products until this and other “copy-protected CD” issues are addressed appropriately by Sony and recommend that our 2.2+ million unique visitors per month from 136 countries worldwide do the same.]

    Should we include EMI, who’re [hehe] also forcing the DRM?

    BTW, for our friends in Canada. Return your EMI ‘music discs’ to…

    EMI Music Canada
    c/o Quality Control
    3109 American Drive
    Mississauga, Ontario
    L4V 1B2

    Have them send you a CDDA copy of the the music disc ‘from another territory’ (USA?). Complain that the provided OS9&OSX; music software doesn’t work.

    And while we’re at it — should we begin to insist that the brick&mortar; music shops segregate these non-Redbook music discs, like they do with CDs and DVDs?

  3. The rights of the users are finally being noticed as these companies go to the lowest form of protection.

    SONY gives us a signature opportunity to inflict pain on anysuch companies. Don’t waste it.

    MW: “floor” — as in take ’em down to the…

  4. I don’t think we should be boycotting all Sony products – I fail to see how the world would be a better place without Sony around. Indeed, in many ways they are to consumer electronics what Apple is to computers.

    What we should be doing is boycotting all copy-protected CDs, as I have been doing since their release. This is the real problem, not Sony.

  5. I will not purchase any more sony or emi products until this new wave of drm abuse stops.
    these companies have actually made me rethink my firm belief that copying music is wrong.
    I told my teenage children they can no longer buy sony or emi products, and that they can now copy, and trade as much music from these companies with their friends as they like.
    good work sony and EMI, you ceated a new monster.

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