IFC Films and Apple to offer extended clip of ‘Manderlay’ film this Friday

“IFC Films has linked with Apple to make an extended clip from Lars Von Trier’s latest pic, ‘Manderlay,’ available for download on video iPod,” Robert Riddell reports for Variety. “Beginning Friday, users will be able to download the 10-minute opening sequence from the movie trailers sections of iTunes or the main Apple Web site.

Full article here.

From IFCFilms.com:
It is 1933, in Alabama. Manderlay is a plantation where a group of people are living as if slavery hadn’t been abolished 70 years earlier. Upon leaving Dogville in 1933, Grace and her father head far south to the state of Alabama where they arrive upon the bizarre place. Directed by Lars Von Trier and starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Danny Glover and Willem Dafoe.

Official ‘Manderlay’ website: http://www.manderlaythefilm.com/

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  1. Lars Von Trier — Kiss My Ass!

    This jerk has the audacity to make his hate of America and the American dream the essential center of his current filmmaking career while he has never even set foot in the nation!

    If you’re gonna make films about a country and comment on its social and cultural values, you might want to go there and see for yourself. And isn’t it just so special how he goes and makes these overly moral films — and then goes and dumps his pregnant wife for their much younger babysitter.

    The more I learn about his arrogant attitude, his hypocritical views, his ignorance, his presumptions and his principles toward film, the more I can’t stand him.

    This is great for Apple and all — I guess(?) — but I hope Lars Von Trier fades away into obscurity sooner than later.

  2. America is not evil – so much for freedom of speech. Are you really saying “This jerk has the audacity to express his opinion?”
    Methinks thou dost protest too much. A bit touchy, perhaps?
    Don’t go and see it – no one’s got a gun to your head have they?

  3. He hasn’t made a movie about todays America, so travelling there would be hard without a time machine.
    He just made a movie about how in the US decades after the abolition of slavery it was still commonplace… that is a fact!
    I don’t understand how making a movie about this sad fact makes of Lars von Trier an a*** for you – would you prefer to censure the american history?

  4. fats,

    New Orleans was a class issue, not a race issue. The poor just mainly happened to be black. If you were white and poor, asian and poor, or hispanic and poor, you got screwed, too.


    Did you mean “censor,” not “censure?” Freudian, dude.

    MW: Apple’s Mac OS X is “quality,” Microsoft’s Windows isn’t.

  5. TruthDetector,

    You are correct about it affecting many of the poor in New Orleans, but do not forget the many wealthy businesses which lost millions because they too were not on high ground.

    In fact, the hurricane did not really care how much money you had. Water just happens to run down hill and some of the poorer part of town were in the lower areas.

    fats navarro,
    You are be right, racism is a horrid thing here in the United States but as I look at France, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the rest of the world, I see that this is a human issue not just an American one.

    On topic now, any and all video content can only help apple in their quest to increase market share. Go Apple, go!

    MW “color” – wow, it is a pity that people can not see past the color of other peoples skin.

  6. Didn’t Europe start the slave trade to the Americas? I think the Dutch shipping companies had alot to do with the whole thing. Also, I just saw a documentary about slavery in Africa now. Africans are still making slaves out of each other right now! What gives? Why can’t people look at our world now instead of 100 or 200 years ago? Come on, Think Different!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. > Did you mean “censor,” not “censure?” Freudian, dude.

    I don’t speak (or write) english well enough to make Freudian mistakes…

    > Europe Sucks the big one!

    It’s always nice to have a civilized and intelligent discussion with an American!

  8. TruthDetector — you detected it yourself, but you still don’t see it.

    “New Orleans was a class issue, not a race issue. The poor just mainly happened to be black.”

    Other than perhaps parts of Appalachia where, I am guessing, racial make-up of the population may be different from US norms, you will find that being poor and being black are highly correlated. Yes, correlation != causation and no one might be able to point to a specific current cause of what created this imbalance, but this is what institutionalized racism is all about.

    It didn’t just happen. And it’s not just staying that way.

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