Computerworld’s advice on Apple’s new Power Mac Quad G5: Place your orders now!

“Yesterday, I had an hour to work with Apple Computer Inc.’s new Power Mac Quad G5, and for anyone in the broadcast, sciences, music, print and photography industries, I have some advice: Place your orders now! The latest Power Mac, unveiled last month and now shipping in limited quantities, offers substantial architecture improvements over its predecessor that deliver exponential performance increases — depending on the application being used or function performed. In addition to the use of dual dual-core G5 processors, the underlying upgrades are numerous,” Yuval Kossovsky writes for Computerworld.

“The improvements in speed in the new hardware are dramatic. My After Effects projects ran more than 60% faster compared with the Power Mac G5 with dual 2.5-GHz processors, and Apple says that X-Code compiling is nearly 80% faster than on earlier models. Final Cut Pro standard-definition rendering yielded results that were 50% faster for me compared to the dual 2.5-GHz machine,” Kossovsky writes. “The pricing on this machine is up from the previous dual-2.7-GHz models, but it’s a bargain when considering the additional processor cores — and the fact that a comparable Wintel configuration is almost double the cost. There is no reason for any professional facility not to upgrade because the equipment cost will quickly be recouped in the form of higher productivity and the ability to serve more clients faster. And if that doesn’t get you excited, just try Final Cut Pro, Aperture or rendering out a 3-D molecule on this machine. I guarantee you’ll love it!”

Full article here.

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  1. If you think they’re good, wait til we get quad-processor, 8-core PowerMacs at the end of 2006 – they’ll be the last gasp of the PPC-based macs (here’s hoping!) 😀

    (mind you they’ll need a cooling tower to avoid overheating!)

  2. When they say that speed increases 60% does that mean time needs to do something decreased 60% as in a process that took 10 minutes now takes only 4? Or does it mean that it moves through 60% more data in the same amount of time, as in it can process 16 MB in the timet that it used to take to process 10?

    It seems to me that saying 60% faster should mean the latter, but the former seems like a more useful statistic so I would expect it to be the one people use.

  3. I think the clue lies in UNIVERSAL BINARIES. I think the PowerMacs will remain with Power PCs for some time, at least until Intel has something that can blow away the existing Quad at the same or lesser price. Remember, heat and space is not an issue with a tower as it is with an iMac or PowerBook/iBook/mini. Those smaller units need Intel and FAST. The Towers, not so much. Add to that the fact that more laptops are selling than towers – Apple needs a fast, energy efficient and cool CPU.

  4. with vastly lower power requirements of the Intel chips slated by late 2006, 4 cores of PPC will consume far far more power than a comperable 6 core Conre based system, and probably also cost more as well, seeing as how there is precious little market for plan-jane dual core PPC chips (read: not CPUs for Xbox or PS3).

    8 core Conroe PPC? I know what i’d do with all that processing power… and it wold actually involved less time in front of my computer since i’d get done withwork faster.

  5. dubmonkey: “i wonder what exactly intel has that will make the transition worth while?”

    Not much for the desktop. Unless future Intel chips have different architecture than the current (Pentium based) offerings, I think it will be a while for the PowerMacs to transition.

    The only speed increase to any product line in this general phase of processor evolution would obviously be the PowerBook, and I don’t think that would even be overly dramatic.

  6. I already placed my order. First on Oct 21st and again on the 27th. Had to cancel the first one in order to add the 7800 graphics card, since they weren’t accepting orders with the 7800 at that time…. and now my expected ship date is Dec 26th! That’s forty-one days from now!

    Wish I could go into a coma for 40 days.

  7. I will be ordering mine on or around 9th January 06 – the opening day of MacWorld San Francisco.

    Also on the subject of Final Cut Pro in the article where it states the speed of the app in standard definition, I would like to know what the figures are for HD and especially the heavily compressed HDV format?

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