Analyst predicts 14.1 million iPod units this quarter, Apple Computer shares hit all-time high

“Improved availability and continued upbeat demand for iPods on Wednesday prompted a Bear Stearns analyst to boost his earnings estimates for Apple Computer Inc., sending shares to an all-time high,” The Associated Press reports. “Analyst Andrew Neff’s comments quelled concerns that Apple might not be able to meet frenzied holiday demand for the newest versions of its music player, the nano and video iPods. Neff said shipment times have recently been scaled down to one to three days from a previous three- to five-day range.”

“The analyst now expects iPod volume to triple to 14.1 million units in the first quarter [Apple’s in the midst of their first quarter, (Q1 2006)], compared with an earlier estimate of 10.4 million. He also predicted annual volume will nearly double to 44.8 million, about 11 million more than previously thought,” AP reports. “For the fiscal first quarter, Neff raised his profit target to 69 cents per share from 52 cents — excluding items — and his revenue estimate by $1 billion to $5.85 billion. Annual earnings are projected to be $2.25 per share, up from a past view of $1.85 per share, on $21.3 billion in revenue. On average, analysts polled by Thomson Financial are looking for first-quarter income of 50 cents per share and $4.78 billion in sales, and full-year earnings of $1.78 per share on sales $17.66 billion.”

Apple Computer (AAPL) shares currently stand at $64.26, up $1.98 or 3.18% on volume of 20.4 million shares.

Full article here.

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  1. Just remember to sell before the earnings report in January when they report ONLY 14 million iPods sold and miss the analysts estimate by 100,000. The Stock will plummet as usual. Then buy again two days later.

  2. it would be fun to have two analysists who are more than 50% off each other’s predictions talk to each other ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    “look at these figures I pulled from my ass”

  3. Yeah, lets keep adding to the numbers until such time that apple fails to meet someone elses wild prediction and the stock slumps.

    I think apple will have a very successful holiday shopping period, but wow the expectations are mounting…

  4. CNN had a statement from some expert saying that somewhere between 5 millon to 150 million would die from bird flu. Such accuracy reminds me of the analysts around apple stock. I too believe that apple will sell somewhere between 5 million and 28 million ipods over the silly season.

  5. After carefully checking my top secret sources I am confident in estimating over 50 million iPods will be sold this quarter.

    We used two sophisticated financial models during our calculations. After careful examination and review by our panel of experts they decided the two models reminded them of the thin iPod Nano and the fat 60 GB iPod (video enabled) which seemed to reflect the increased mindshare of the popular Apple devices. “The corelation was uncanny”.

    “We’ll be examining the two models again in a few days after they return from a swimsuit modeling assignment at the NY Stock exchange” one ANALyst was heard to say.

  6. Still sticking to 12.5 million at an average of around $200 to $220 a unit, giving a total of around $2.75 billion in iPod sales.

    If they get to 14 million units, it would be amazing – but I just don’t see it somehow. What would be impressive is if Apple shipped 14 million units @ $220 (or around $3 billion in sales) and yet kept (for example) a 60/40 balance with Macintosh sales: if Apple sold $2 billion of Macintoshes, that would be about 1.5 million units or around 50% up on the same quarter last year.

    $5 billion in the major sales columns, plus another $1 billion from the more incidental bits (like iTMS, software, etc.), would be a kick-ass quarter to start fiscal 2006, especially as fiscal 2005 came to around $14 billion in total.

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