Intel-based Macs dominate January’s Macworld Expo 2006 rumor mill

“Wall Street analysts and Mac experts are predicting a surprise announcement of a new Intel-based Mac at MacWorld this January,” maya Roney reports for Forbes. “Back in June, Apple Computer announced that it would have a Mac running on Intel chips by June 2006, but the Street and the geeks have a hunch that the company could make the transition much sooner… ‘Our extensive checks in the supply chain are pointing to a very possible early introduction of Intel-based Macs before the June 2006 target date, with a possible Intel-based Mac Mini introduced at MacWorld,’ wrote UBS Analyst Ben Reitzes in a recent research report.”

“The move to Intel microprocessors marks a tectonic shift for Apple. It’s been ten years since the company’s last microprocessor transition, the PowerPC, which was developed through an alliance of Apple, IBM and Motorola. An early transition to Intel could guarantee Apple a more reliable, cost-effective supply of chips,” Roney reports. “Also, removing the strict hardware-software ties of the Mac could reach a whole new market of users who want to use either a Mac operating system with an Intel processor or Windows on a Mac machine.”

Full article, with more predictions that cover Intel-based Mac minis, Intel-based PowerBooks, new iBooks, new software, new iPods, the debut of “Asteroid,” and more, here.

A report published this past Friday by AppleInsider states “that the iMac and PowerBook — two of the company’s most recently revised Mac offerings — are targeted to be the first two Mac models to receive Intel processors in January.”

Full article here.

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  1. We may see preliminary, or pre-production Macs with Intel processors but they will not be available to buy anytime soon. Why? simple the current state of Intel processors will not yield adaquate Rosetta performance and not enough developers will have completed their universal binaries. More important than wowing people with an Intel based Mac is Apple’s need to adhere to their own timeline.

  2. ^ Absolutely. This could get out of hand very quickly. Less than two months to MacWorld and the supposed “smartest move” by Apple — the Intel based Mac — is already going to be released?????

    What the hell? How much software’ll be ready by then? Anything? Just the iLife suite? What about the problems of early-adopters? I’d be really concerned that the first people to be exposed to Intel Macs are the general population and average computer buyer — if they have a bad experience becasue there are a lot of glitches to be worked out, that won’t be good for Apple . . . or my stock!

  3. are there enough apps with universal binaries to support his already? sure I’d like them out sooner than later as well, but without the apps to run on it……

    My spider sense is tingling

  4. I won’t go so far as to say that it won’t happen, but I still don’t buy it. The only one I could see is the Mac mini.

    First, Apple is waiting on Yonah for the PowerBooks. Yonah will not be available until 2Q 2006. Intel has already stated that Apple will not receive any preferential treatment. Thus, PowerBooks won’t happen until 2Q 2006. Period.

    Second, we just got a PowerBook update. I don’t expect to see another one in two months.

    iBooks and Mac minis, maybe. Apple would need to go with the Pentium M for these. I think the Mac mini clone from AOpen uses a Pentium M. But we also now run into the question of software. While Apple’s software may be available, most third-party software will not. If Apple says “June” and ships in May, that’s one thing. If Apple says “June” and ships in January–six months before they said they would–that’s something completely different and you’d see some torqued-off third-party developers.

  5. Here’s a prediction. It will be a Phillnote not a Stevenote with just progress reports on the Intelization of OS X and a few demos of ported apps on developer units.

    If we are really good the next month and a half they may even release iLife 06.

  6. What about the mac mini?

    There is an Intel version floating around somewhere. The pics were ciculated even before the announcement and people thought it was a knock off. It was reported that Intel commissioned it.

    I just hope they upgrade iPhoto and make it more stable. With 500 5MP images, it occasionally hangs.

  7. ummmmm… Yonah is also due for January. Can’t remember if this was the chip that was bumped up or if it’s always been this way, but Yonah is coming in January.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Personally, I’m going to see if my 500Mhz can last me until 3Q for Merom! Whole new architecture!!! woot!

  8. Nothing Apple does would surprise me anymore, but I agree that this is probably not going to be the case, unless the software migration to UB is well ahead of schedule and Apple is asking developers to keep quiet about it, but that’s unlikely. Frankly, if the software isn’t ready yet I don’t want the Intels to come out. Rosetta is nice and all but I don’t want the majority of people’s software to have to use it, even for a little while.

    I also have my doubts about whether PowerBooks will be among the first to be released, but then again, they desperately need it.

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