MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews working on server issues

We are working to iron out issues with our new server setup and we hope you are now beginning to see improvement in both sites’ responsiveness now. Please let us know below.

This week, so far, when trying to access and update the site, we’ve felt like we were using original iMac G3/233 MHz machines running Mac OS X public beta via 56 kbps modem. Click. Wait. Click. Wait some more. Arrgggghhh! We’re sure you shared our frustration.

Thank you very, very much for your patience while the tweaking continues…

As those who’ve followed our travels from server to server know, MacDailyNews’ and iPodDailyNews’ current host, pMachine Hosting, uses servers that run Red Hat Linux and Apache. We have also used Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and FreeBSD in the past.

We probably will hit one or all of them again in the future – well, maybe not Mac OS 9. wink

Notice that we have never used a Windows-based server, nor will we ever. ‘Nix variants, when offered by a robust host with reasonable rates, are all in play, with Mac OS X, of course, being our primary choice when it’s available. This site was designed on Mac OS, the articles are written on machines running Mac OS X and we endorse Mac OS X completely for servers and many other uses. Because we use pMachine’s ExpressionEngine, we feel our best hosting choice by far is pMachine Hosting. MacDailyNews’ host server information is, as always, publicly available via Netcraft here.

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  1. “I can’t believe that MDN doesn’t run this site on Apple hardware and software. You should be ashamed of your self for running a site that praises Macs, often to excess, and then doesn’t use Apple products. MDN is a disgrace to the Mac community.”

    maybe because MDN, and everyone else, knows for a fact that Xserves suck…

  2. FYI, currently:

    MacCentral’s host runs Linux:
    MacNN’s host runs FreeBSD:
    MacSurfer’s host runs FreeBSD:
    MacObserver’s host runs FreeBSD:
    AppleInsider’s host runs FreeBSD:
    Apple runs Mac OS X:

    The server OS is a function of the web host and the web sites’ budgets, service needs, etc. I used to run a small Mac site – much smaller than MDN/iPodDN. Sure we wanted to run on Mac OS X, but if your preferred host uses Linux or FreeBSD, that’s what you use. We wouldn’t choose a host that ran Windows servers. For many reasons, but mainly because we wanted the site to be online.

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