JupiterResearch analyst wouldn’t be shocked to see Intel-based Mac debut in January 2006

“Based on the availability of Intel hardware and its own software, analysts speculate the Apple-Intel systems could come out as soon as the second week of January, when the Macworld Conference and Expo arrives in San Francisco,” John G. Spooner and Daniel Drew Turner report for eWeek. “‘It wouldn’t shock me if Steve Jobs would have one of these models in January for Macworld,’ where he traditionally takes the stage for the opening keynote address, said Joe Wilcox, analyst with JupiterResearch.”

Spooner and Turner report, “Intel, of Santa Clara, Calif., will officially launch its Napa platform, a collection of notebook chips that Apple has been widely expected to adopt at least in part, the week prior to Macworld. Intel will use the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas—where its CEO, Paul Otellini, will give a keynote speech—to showcase Napa, which is essentially the latest version of its Centrino chip bundle for wireless notebooks, and to discuss its Viiv brand for home computers, sources familiar with its plans said.”

“Although Apple might not use the Napa as a whole, analysts expect it to adopt Yonah, the forthcoming dual-core capable Pentium M processor, in its portables and possibly in its Mac Mini,” Spooner and Turner report. “Apple doesn’t appear to be headed for Intel on its professional side right away. Apple recently fitted its Power Mac line with new dual-core PowerPC 970MP chips from IBM, which it says gives the machines a significant bump in performance. The company also updated its PowerBook line with higher-resolution screens and stronger batteries.”

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  1. Duh. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Steve will debut MacIntels at MacWorld even if they don’t ship in quantity for a month or so after the show. Really, what else would he be debuting?

    MDN Magic Word: “sales” It’s all about the sales.

  2. Actually, I don’t think there is anything given about Steve launching Intel Macs in January. It would be a huge coup for Apple if it happens, but the Mac community shouldn’t fall into the usual trap of expecting the “obvious” (like the $99 iPod mini) and then getting disappointed because perspective has been all skewed by unsupported expectations.

    So, my attitude is, hope for a miracle at MacWorld, but progress is really the name of the game.

  3. I wish Apple would update all their Macs to x86 at once. If they do it step by step the consumer models will be slowed down to make the older generation professional lines look good. x86 iBooks for example would not outperform G4 PowerBooks if both are on the market at the same time.

  4. Considering that only Apple software will probably be available in January (with a few exceptions), I hope Apple doesn’t jump on the gun on this, next summer is a much better time. Rosetta emulation isn’t going to be a happy experience.

  5. I do expect a Macintel to be announced at MWSF and ship by the end of the month. I’ve expected that since the Intel announcement a @ WWDC.

    Sol: Intel CPU’s aren’t as fast as you seem to think. The Megahertz Myth is still just a myth. Apple won’t need to “cripple the Intel CPU’s” to make the PPC’s (G5’s) look good; the PPC’s are good. No sense in crippling high-end Mac’s just to go 100% Intel. In fact, i hope they never do go 100% Intel. I’d like to see PPC options available for the high-end Mac’s for years to come. Let the marketplace decide if and when it’s time to retire the PPC.

    However you have a valid point about the G4 PowerBooks. It wouldn’t surprise me if the portable line is shaken up quite a bit, or at the very least the PowerBooks go Intel. Mac mini and portables are my prediction, but maybe not the iBooks (if there is still an iBook after MWSF).

    Tom80: More than just Apple app’s are already dual platform. A lot of shareware, even, is already dual platform. Six months is more than enough time for the major software companies to get their act together. Those who aren’t ready by now are the ones whose code is poorly written.

  6. “Bet it’s a way better experience than this hinkey old G3 iMac that I’m experiencing right now.”

    hehehe… Heck, I’m using an 867mhz Quicksilver G4 and it’s killin’ me. It has been nothing but a great computer. It’s interesting, though, I’m sure it still does things at the same speed it did them in 2001, but now I just don’t have the patients for it, I guess. It has to think about stuff for a lot longer than I can handle.
    The guy at the Apple store told me I would take a performance hit if I went over to an iBook, but he is wrong. I think it would be a lateral move, at this point. When the new intel-books come out, it should be a pretty god boost, if Apple doesn’t make ’em slow just to keep them below the current powerbooks.

  7. Alright, on to the future of technology

    Apple’s Home Entertainment initiative seems to be getting started with new sony tv’s. 802.11n will translate/transfer all itune media ( using the quicktime engine) to either the ihome hub, or a cable box of some sort. Just imagine your ichat (Telephony) call, on you television, of course you will pause (live pause) all media while giving the proper time to said call (chat) then resume after. Now you all don’t have to rush off the phone with your mom to get back to your show….but you still will. This will arrive for the consumer first, then we will see this evolve to the schools. Businesses already have such confrencing, sort of. Just stuff to come

  8. Rumors, you’re either joking or an idiot or both.

    A very good friend of mine (the father of the Internet) tells me it’s the MacMini that will get Intel inside first. These cute little boxes are priced right and provide a great opportunity for PC users to experience Apple (legally). Front Row, Apples media control application will be flying in good form on the revised MacMini along with updated iLife. Infrared remote is supported but the handheld remote is an optional piece for the customer to purchase (if they want it).

    At $499 the MacMini is a great impulse buy for virus beleagured Windows users. It’s cheap enough to buy on a whim and powerful enough for 90% of all desktop users. Plus it’s small and beautiful, I love mine (since I upped memory to 1GB).

    Don’t hold your breath on updates to other models until mid year. Powerbook and iBook models will clearly be first in time for “back to school” shopping. Pro Powermacs will be the last to switch over to Intel and they won’t be here until middle of next year IMHO.

    Preliminary reports of the G5 Quad indicate it’s a very powerful system especially when the software is tweaked. Rumors of a stealth 3.2 GHz dual core chip from IBM are starting to build. Even if they are just rumors, the Quad is one bitch’n computer (mine is on order ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />.

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