Heavily updated Camino 1.0 Beta 1 browser released for Mac OS X

Camino 1.0 Beta 1 brings you a heavily updated version of the only native Mac OS X browser using Mozilla.org’s Gecko HTML rendering engine. The Mozilla Organization’s Camino pages state that they have “made great improvements, adding new features, improving existing features, and fixing many bugs and performance issues.”

Note that this version of Camino 1.0 Beta 1 is close to its final shipping state. It is usable on a day-to-day basis and a large improvement over Camino 0.8.4, but you may still experience bugs, or features that are not complete. The goal of this early release is to demonstrate progress, and for people to report issues early on in the development cycle so that they can be addressed. That said, this beta is replacing 0.8.4 as the stable release on all systems 10.2+.

Camino 1.0 Beta 1 shares the same code base with Firefox 1.5 (it’s based on the Mozilla 1.8 CVS branch), so shares many of the security fixes and Gecko improvements that are in that version of Firefox.

Due to changes in the feature set, Camino no longer supports Mac OS X 10.1. The Mozilla Organization advises people still using OS X 10.1 to stay with Camino 0.8.4.

More info and download link here.

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