Apple’s iTunes Music Store primed to become No. 1 Australian music site

“Although visitor figures to the Australian iTunes music store, which opened for business two weeks ago, will not be known for two weeks, traffic levels to American and British iTunes sites suggest Apple could be on target to be the No. 1 music download site soon,” Julian Lee reports for The Age. “In September, ninemsn and BigPond recorded 192,000 and 178,000 unique visitors respectively, says Nielsen Net Ratings. In the same month, 305,000 Australians visited overseas iTunes sites, either to download iTunes software, free podcasts and sample songs or, for those with the appropriate credit cards, to buy and download songs to iPods.”

“Apple is not saying how many people have visited the site or downloaded music but senior executives pointed to the success of other markets; four days after the launch of the Japanese site in August, Apple recorded a million downloads – more than twice the usual monthly volume for the entire industry. None of the [other] music download sites reveal the volume of downloads but more than 600 million songs have been downloaded to iTunes sites globally,” Lee reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Wonderful news! Really. and for sure, too.

    {whiny anyway]

    There are no ‘free’ sample songs, however. Only free song excerpts. Free Podcasts? Yes. But you can’t get one of those entire ‘free song’ downloads from the iTunes Music Store without first having provided a credit card somewhere in order to have obtained an iTMS account.

    Try it. I’ll apologize if I’m wrong.


  2. Kinda embarrassing I suppose to reveal what the second place numbers are. Must be pretty bad though. But I am surprised that Australia, after the long wait didn’t announce 1 million songs sold inside of a week.. what with all the whining about a store that was going on for over a year…

    MDN MW = Science, as in there is a science to these numbers… the competitors haven’t figured it out yet

  3. The Aussie site is going to be a big winner for Apple. I am OSeas and have already got a couple of albums on the Pod using my credit card.

    My kids will be getting vouchers for Xmas for their Pod. The figures will be excellent but should be better when there is more content.

    Apple – Where are the free tracks for us Aussies?

    That’s it in a PodShell

  4. Please, no whining. Yes, even here in the US, I had to provide a credit card. But I did that long before the free song stuff ever started on iTMS. So, when the free ones became available, and then free podcasts became available, yes, to me, they were completely free. Stop whining.

    MW: “got,” as in, got a life?

  5. Yes!: I haven’t entered my credit card number into my iTunes account–I don’t have a credit card. Instead I buy the music cards from my local store to juice my account. And I can still download the free sample songs. (The weekly Tuesday download of the week.)

    MW: answer

  6. “”There are no ‘free’ sample songs, however.”

    Yes there are.”

    Um, well, actually I have no idea if they have free singles on the Oz iTMS. I just presumed they would have similar offerings as they do in the US. In the US, Apple has been offering free tracks every week practically from the beginning.

  7. “Damn that Australian iTunes Music Store” (chair flies across room glancing off recently replaced bullet proof glass window). “I’m gonna fucking bury Apple!”

    Yells “Where’s Rob that little weener from RealPlayer? What’s he doing with all that money we gave them? Damn (2nd chair flies across room and bounces harmlessly off window).

    “Somebody get me a fucking clue! I need to know what the hell is going on.” (small airborne end table self distructs on rugged new window….

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