Research firm predicts Apple will sell 10 million iPods in holiday quarter

“The popular iPod Nano and the just-released video iPod are expected to lead a surge of holiday sales for Apple Computer. Research firm Fulcrum Global Partners predicts Apple will sell 10 million iPods in the fourth quarter, a strong follow-up to the 7 million sold in the previous quarter,” Antony Bruno reports for Reuters.

“If the average lifespan of an iPod is about 1.5 years, what happens to the older models? Analysts say most users hand down their iPods to friends or family once they purchase a new one. Some simply throw them away. Increasingly, however, consumers are capitalizing on the growing iPod phenomenon by selling their used iPods for cash or as a trade-in toward a new device,” Bruno reports.

Bruno covers various outlets for used iPod models and places to get discounts on new iPods when trading in old ones in his full article here.

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  1. I’m still sticking to 12.5 million, as 10 million would actually represent an abrupt and significant flattening of the adoption curve. That said, Q2 will probably slide back to between 7.5 to 8.25 million.

  2. I hate these stupid analysts’ predictions. They start by guessing how many will sell and then, at the end of the quarter, they bitch because Apple didn’t sell what they guessed at.
    If it were Apple’s target to sell so many iPods and then they didn’t make the target, I would be worried. Not making some ANAL-yst’s target is a mugs’ game. I’m glad Apple doesn’t play it.

  3. I predict research firms will start suing Apple if they don’t make the research firm projections look good.

    I predict everyone in the USA will sue Apple for something in 2006.

    I’m suing for the use of the letter M in Macintosh. I own the letter M.

  4. MCCFR,

    I’d rather hear about about a lower predection and Apple beating it by a good amount (2.5 million or 25%), rather than them predicting a larger number and Apple not making that.

    I’m hoping that you’re right. If so, once the Q1 numbers are released, the stock price will go through up nicely. If the other predictions that’ve I’ve seen on the rumor sites that they’ll release the Intel Macs is true then the stock price will show a vertical climb.

    Hold on folks, this could get REALLY exciting in a few months.

  5. I agree with cptnkirk. These stupid analysts need to shut up! They make these lame predictions and then when the company they are predicting about does not meet those stupid predictions, the stock drops.

    On the other hand, perhaps it is a conspiracy on the part of the analyst. They predict some unattainable goal, the company misses it, the stock tanks, and the analysts buy up the shares of stock knowing full well that good things are around the corner. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Yeah. I can put a positive spin on anything.

  6. We KNOW they have component shortages and already can’t meet demand. Some of those shortages will be resolved but some won’t.

    So if you want an iPod this season, get in line.

    Apple can’t possibly sell $10 mil (no I don’t “know for sure” but I really doubt it). Demand is there, but the parts ain’t.

    However they can sell one whole heck of a lot more than any other company is selling and they’ll still make a cartload of money. So it’s still success, whatever analysts say.

    And the more money Apple makes, the more R&D they spend on the PowerBook from Hell that’s on the way next spring.

  7. To the analyst bashers, you have to realize if they predict 10 million iPods, then the market reacts to that prediction. That is, the share price goes up reflecting the markets expectation of 10 million sold. Now, if Apple doesn’t meet that prediction of 10 million and only sells 9 million, then the market reacts to the actual sales total, and accordingly, the share price falls. Of course, you feel that the analysts did Apple wrong with their predictions, but of course, you’ve forgotten how happy you were when the price jumped up when the prediction was announced.

  8. What I want is the viPod to play iTunes Visuals…

    Oh sh*t, what a great idea! I’ll screen record some visuals and save them for the iPod in a video format.

    Oh sh*t, you can’t play random music at the same time as the video. 🙁

    MDN Word: “club” Like it’s time you joined the “club” and got your sorry PC a$$ off that POS cheap Dell box and get a cool Powermac Quad.

  9. Solution!

    Since the viPod can play up to 150 hours of video, that translates into quite a few songs.

    1: Compile a selection of music videos and streaches of iTunes visuals with music.

    2: Screen record using SnapZ Pro X into viPod size into Quicktime MPEG 4

    3: Edit using Quicktime Pro

    4: Place on viPod

    5: Enjoy!

    MDN Word: “within” Like within the mind of a Mac user lies a much wiser and astute individual from the regular run of the mill PC loser blindly following Microsoft down the road to hell.

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