Analyst: Disney’s ‘Chicken Little’ has huge implications for Steve Jobs’ Pixar

“All eyes will be on a little chicken this weekend as Disney releases its first home-grown, entirely computer-generated feature,” Sandy Brown reports for “If Chicken Little has wings — and it’s far from certain that it will, given the recent uneven results from Disney’s once-storied animated studio — it could help the media giant reassert itself just as high-profile talks loom with Pixar’s Steve Jobs. On the other hand, if the sky falls, Jobs will have a little more leverage when the parties start serious negotiations in coming weeks.”

“‘I think it has huge implications,'” one media analyst says of the movie’s box office performance. “‘I think it might show that they [Disney] can’t seem to get animation right and need a relationship with Pixar.'” To be sure, one of the big questions in lotus land these days is what will become of the Disney/Pixar relationship — and for that matter the Pixar animation studio’s future, given its distribution situation,” Brown reports. “Marla Backer of Soleil Securities says that neither Disney nor Pixar is expecting Pixar-like numbers out of Chicken Little. In essence, unless the movie unexpectedly does enormous box office, Backer believes the two parties will move closer to a new distribution deal.”

Full article here.

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  1. Disney is sort of the Microsoft of animation these days. Universally despised, no imagination, copying everyone else, suing people rather than innovating, coasting on the ownership of one product that people can’t avoid. Then I’ve always said Windows is a Mickey Mouse operating system.

  2. A more interesting plot would have been to make Chicken Little a reporter. Have him wade into the aftermath of some natural disaster and predict tens of thousands of deaths, blaming everyone except those he approves of, and having him express shock when it didn’t all materialize.

    There’s a lesson in there.

  3. It’s all about the writing…. If the writing sucks then the movie sucks. Pixar producers have somehow managed to have clever writing for their movies. High quality animation software abounds but quality writing is nowhere to be found and can’t be bought in stores.

  4. Slightly off topic, but am I the only one worried that “Cars” (Pixar’s summer 06 movie) looks too cutesy and Disneyfied? The previews I’ve seen look very “Herbie the Love Bug” to me. I hope I’m wrong, and I probably will be. Pixar has an impeccable track record.

  5. I am also concerned about “Cars”. It just doesn’t seem to have that same unique feel that the other Pixar movies have had. I know it’s too early to tell, but with the trailers of the previous Pixar movies you could tell that there was something special about them. I’m not getting that feeling with “Cars” yet.

  6. Back on topic…

    As far as the quality of the animation in “Chicken Little”, it looks really nice to me. But like others have said, it’s the writing that makes a story. Just look at “The Phantom Menace”, great visuals…story sucked. I know it made lots of money, but it’s a little bit different scenario than Pixar/Disney.

    It’s the story, Stoopid!:-)

  7. maybe it’s because my interest in cars is close to zero – but I really have to twice previous comments regarding the Cars trailer: it’s not funny or edgy at all! Talking cars, now how retired is that? I got so happy at the time when I heard Lasseter is making one more with Pixar, I mean…the guy’s a genious. However I’m afraid something went wrong this time. It certainly looks like the first Pixar I won’t watch. :(**

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