Windows switchers, now’s your chance: Apple Mac mini with Mac OS X Tiger for $379

Windows switchers, now’s your chance! Apple is offering Mac mini units with Mac OS X Tiger, iLife ’05 and more for as low as $379. Why? They’re Apple Certified Refurbished products which are pre-owned Apple products that undergo Apple’s stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. All Apple Certified Refurbished products are covered by Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty. For extended coverage, you have the option of purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan with your Apple Certified Refurbished product.

Remember, with Mac OS X, you’ll want at least 512MB of total RAM (get a solid 1GB of RAM, if your budget allows) and we recommend buying RAM from Crucial, an important supporter of MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews. Just click the Crucial banner found atop most of our pages to use Crucial’s “Memory Advisor Tool” to find the right RAM for your Mac in two quick and easy steps.

Some of the lowest-priced deals offered from Apple:
Mac mini 1.25GHz
• 1.25GHz PowerPC G4
• 256MB DDR333 SDRAM
• ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB DDR video memory
• 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive
• Combo drive
• DVI or VGA video output
Save 25% off the original price
Original price: $499.00 | Your price: $379.00
Estimated Ship: Within 24 hours (Free Shipping)

eMac 1.25GHz CD-ROM
• 17-inch flat CRT display
• 256MB DDR333 SDRAM
• 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive
• CD-ROM drive
• ATI Radeon 9200
Save 13% off the original price
Original price: $649.00 | Your price: $569.00
Estimated Ship: Within 24 hours (Free Shipping)

iMac G5 17-inch 1.8GHz Combo Drive
• 512MB DDR400 SDRAM
• 160GB Serial ATA hard drive
• ATI Radeon 9600
• 128MB DDR video memory
• 56K internal modem
Save 35% off the original price
Original price: $1299.00 | Your price: $849.00
Estimated Ship: 3-5 Business Days (Free Shipping)

iBook G4 1.2GHz/ 256MB/ 30GB/ CD/ E/ 56K/ 12-inch TFT
Save 23% off the original price
Original price: $899.00 | Your price: $699.00
Estimated Ship: 1-2 Business Days (Free Shipping)

PowerBook G4 1.33GHz/ 256MB/ 60GB/ Combo/ AP Extreme Card/ E/ 12-inch/ Aluminum
Save 23% off the original price
Original price: $1599.00 | Your price: $1099.00
Estimated Ship: 1-2 Business Days (Free Shipping)

More information and more Special Deals on more Macs and iPods, too, can be found on Apple’s Special Deals page.

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  1. I’d call Apple up and demand a Tiger upgrade DVD since they’re supposed to provide one with those refurbed minis. You could always sell it on eBay if you don’t need it and make a little extra dough.

  2. I ordered the $379 Mac Mini last weekend and it arrived a few hours ago. Mine came with Tiger 10.4 and iLife ’05. Also, the 1Gb Ram I ordered from Crucial will be here tomorrw. The MDN link to Crucial got me 10% off my RAM for a total of $145 (plus tax).

    With tax I spent $566 for a 1.25Mhz Mini with 1Gb of RAM. A new one from Apple would be $652 with tax. So I save about $100 going with the refurb. Not too shabby!

  3. Actually, MDN is one of my favorite Mac news sites, and since I was in the market for a new mini I didn’t mind at all using the links on this site to place my orders. It’s the least I could do, really…

  4. I dunno . . . some of these postings seem suspiciously like the owners of this site inventing wonderful experiences they’ve had ordering through the banners and fake news stories . . . but these guys would NEVER resort to that, now would they????

    Anyways, if you don’t mind used stuff then some of these deals aren’t too bad, but you can usually find better deals on Amazon or eBay, or your local newspaper classifieds. Minis are so cheap anyways thought that most people are probably better off ordering brand new ones with the latest specs. Just my 2¢.

  5. Yeah, I do feel like a shill. I get the same feeling every time I try to get my friends to buy a Mac instead of a PC. They look at me like I must be getting some kind of payola. Guess I can’t avoid it. But no, I’m just a regular geek with no affiliation to MDN. I post fairly often, tho…

  6. My $379 Mac mini arrived this week. Great little machine, I’ll tell you. The design is elegant. Changing the memory to 512 MB was much easier than I was led to believe by the online help info. All it took was less than 5 minutes, a putty knife and a towel (don’t panic!)

    The machine was brand new and looked like it was an original mini that just didn’t sell. Although it had 10.3 on the HD, the Tiger disk was included which was an easy install.

    From someone who has used Dos & Windows for twenty years now, I’m very happy to have a Mac. OS X is impressive, indeed. So when do those PowerBooks go on sale?

  7. One more thing. I’m PAINFULLY aware that the updated Mini is likely to be officially released this month. However, since the mini I bought is going to be a birthday present for a friend I decided to save a few bucks and go refurb. If the Mini were for me, 64Mb vs. 32Mb of VRAM and a 5400 vs. 4000 RPM HD, not to mention the slight processor speed bump, would be a huge deal. But to my buddy, whose ancient Indigo iMac with a 350Mhz G3 and no Firewire is enough to keep him happy, would never notice the difference in the specs in any way, shape or form. In fact the 1Gb of RAM is probably overkil, but 256 is nothing and maxing out the RAM now means I don’t have to do it later.

    BTW, the new Mac Mini has a 1 to 3 day wait on it. Watch for the update to be posted next week or soon after.

  8. I have one last note (not that anyone is reading this thread anymore). The $379 Mac Mini does indeed come with Panther installed on the HD, version 10.3.7. However, included in the software box is a new Tiger DVD with bundled software for the mini. I’m formatting and reinstalling as I type!

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