Apple Computer shares crack $60 mark, hit new all-time high in morning trading

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) this morning cracked the $60 mark to hit $61.23, up $1.28 or 2.14% on volume of 3,158,966 in NASDAQ trading to hit a new all-time intraday high. Apple’s previous intraday high was $60.00 set during trading yesterday. Apple’s 52-week low was $26.02 on 11/05/2004.

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  1. Looks like the open was $60.55 but the broader market is set to move higher as firm retail numbers for last month came in, no doubt boosting hopes for a profitable Christmas shopping season.

    And as MDN is reporting, Samsung is backing off the company’s own statements that they will be offering an iTunes-also ran for a SW/HW Samsung solution, opting now to just be better partners to Napster, Microsoft, and Yahoo….Why would they not be doing THAT already?

    MDN word: great

  2. The video IPOD really is a great thing. And the Nano really does look impossible–I hope it isnt impossible–I wonder if the law suits plead–Apple is right, it was impossibly small–I hope Jobs doesnt invent little umbrella mixers for exotic beverages next. I still think that the video IPOD is a cover story for whatever Jobs is really developing and whatever he is working is going to be really really big. I wonder if Apple is too big to be taken over? I suppose you cant really take over a company whose success has been so tied to the energy and spirit of one leader.

  3. OK MDN. This is strange. I like your site but….but… the popups try to open when I launch Yahoo messenger. Today was the first time and it was after opening this particular link. You’re going to ruin it for the rest of us if you’re not more careful and conscientious when it comes to the Mac community. The popup does not open completely but the fact that it would launch when opening another app sucks and does bring up security questions. I am going to take a closer look and find out what might be causing this. If anyone has more info on this behavior please share.

  4. “I bought into Apple many years ago, allowing for the three splits, at around $1.50. Is it time to sell or should I be greedy and hold on?”

    Isn’t that the point of holding stock? To take as much profit as possible. I think the Intel switch is going to be the next big thing. I’m holding my shares. This thing is just getting going.

    MW dead, as in the competition.

  5. Apple’s market cap at $61.68: $51.10 Billion

    Dell’s market cap at $29.66/share: $71.11 Billion

    AAPL needs to gain slightly less than 50% for it to overtake Dell in market share (around $90 stock price). Wouldn’t that be delicious counterpoint to Michael “Shut it down and return the money back to the shareholders” Dell. The task may be made easier after Dell releases its earnings report soon!

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