Report: Apple Safari hits 3.55% share in US, Firefox hits 11.51% worldwide ( ) today reported that Mozilla’s browsers have a total global usage share of 11.51 percent. The total usage share of Mozilla increased 2.82 percent since April 2005. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still dominates the global browser market with a global usage share of 85.45 percent which is 1.18 percent less as at the end of April.

“The global usage share of Mozilla’s browsers is still growing and it seems that Netscape users and some Internet Explorer users are switching to the Firefox version. It also looks like that browser users of Internet Explorer for Apple’s Mac are switching to Safari because the global usage share is still growing. It is also interesting to see that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has less global usage share in the USA as in the UK. Mozilla’s browsers are more popular in USA and Canada as in the UK” said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of, in a statement.

The most popular browsers on the web are:

1. Microsoft IE – 85.45 %
2. Mozilla Firefox – 11.51 %
3. Apple Safari – 1.75 %
4. Opera – 0.77 %
5. Netscape – 0.26 %

The most popular browsers in the USA are:

1. Microsoft IE – 80.73 %
2. Mozilla Firefox – 14.07 %
3. Apple Safari – 3.55 %
4. Opera – 0.77 %
5. Netscape – 0.76 %

The most popular browsers in Canada are:

1. Microsoft IE – 78.52 %
2. Mozilla Firefox – 16.98 %
3. Apple Safari – 2.05 %
4. Opera – 1.67 %
5. Netscape – 0.68 %

The most popular browsers in the UK are:

1. Microsoft IE – 93.37 %
2. Mozilla Firefox – 4.94 %
3. Apple Safari – 0.99 %
4. Opera – 0.39 %
5. Netscape – 0.23 %

Methodology: A global usage share of xx percent for browser Y means that xx percent of the visitors of Internet users arrived at sites that are using one of’s services by using browser Y. All numbers mentioned in the research are averages of last week and all measurements are normalised to the GMT timezone. Research is based on a sample of 2 million visitors divided into 20,000 visitors of 100 countries each day.

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  1. AOL’s use of an embedded Internet Explorer as its default browser, gives IE an artifical boost in share. When AOL completes its transition HTML (accessable from any browser), its 20 million users (or so) will no longer be locked into IE. What happens to IE’s share when that happens?

  2. can you provide some proof that the UK is a good market for apple? I haven’t seen numbers shoring that to be the case, even though I have met a lot of brits on various mac sites. that has always confused me.

  3. I use Firefox on my work and home PCs as well as my new Mac. (switcher here)

    I don’t know if the percentages are an acurate reflection on the percentage of Macs out there.

    (p.s. Canadian here)

  4. I’m neither ashamed nor proud to be British.
    I moved to Berlin thirty years ago ….
    (The coffee was undrinkable in the UK in the 70’s and to top it all Thatcher had just come to power)
    …. and became a European.
    It takes time, but I’ve shed the last remnants of the petty patriotism which I was (and so many Brits are) inflicted with.

    Still …. thoughts of all those over-patriotic Brits drinking their instant coffee and tea-bag tee
    (In the fifties and sixties Brits still drank good tea – made with loose leaves)
    AND, as I now learn, ALSO surfing with I.E.
    makes me just squirm with shame and revulsion.

    PS … Ok, I know there are the exceptions … those with Macs and good coffee machines and proper teapots … and, who knows, they might even be on the increase.

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