Do ‘Creationist’ podcasts belong in Apple’s iTunes Music Store’s ‘Science’ category?

“I was browsing through the Science Podcasts on iTunes today when I came across one entitled, ‘Today’s Creation Moment,'” Paul Pomeroy writes for Design @ AdaptiveView. “I’ve no delusions about changing any creationist’s mind here, but I do think that most other people still care enough about honesty — enough that if Apple were to hear from even a small percentage of them they would certainly see fit to return these Podcasts to their proper place. Please let Apple know that you think this set of Podcasts is in the wrong category. It’s not difficult to do: bring up the music store in iTunes, select Podcasts (below the ‘Choose Genre’ drop-down list on the left), select Browse, in the ‘Category’ list, select Science, scroll all the way down and look for ‘Today’s Creation Moment’ in the ‘Name’ column. To the right of the name is a circle with an arrow in it. Click on that. Right about in the middle of the screen you should see ‘Report a Concern.’ Click on that and on the following screen, let Apple know these Podcasts are ‘represented in the incorrect category.'”

Full article here.

More info about Creationsim via Wikipedia here.

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  1. It would sure help in finding what I’m looking for if it is in the right category. I never thought of looking for that particular podcast in sciences. what do they teach to you people these days.

  2. After looking at their website and a few of the transcripts, I would probably agree that it would best fit in the religion category.

    However, I would also like to take a moment to point out that there are Creationist books, articles, and probably radio shows that WOULD fit in a science category. Why? Because they have to do with scientific research (just because it’s done by a Creationist doesn’t mean it can’t be science). So, people should be careful to consider the content before assuming it should or should not be in a particular category.

  3. If God created the universe, who created God? Huh huh huh? Anyone??

    A more interesting (or troubling depending upon your point of view) theory is that perhaps humans were indeed created, not by God, but by aliens. Perhaps they found a creature on Earth suitable for manipulation and turned them into a so-called intelligent creature (we think we’re soooo smart don’t we?) How else can you explain the 99% similar genetic makeup of apes and humans, yet they can’t steal cars and we do?

    Evidence? You want evidence you say? Well, there’s that spaceship at Roswell….

    MW=know. Ummmm, actually, no, we don’t.

  4. Kill Bill

    I love that quote. Is that from somoene else or when I repeat it to everyone I know should I attribute it to you?

    P.S. Safari has started remembering MDN magic words. that is sorta annoying, because the whole point of the magic word is that it changes all the time and therefore safari is always wrong.

  5. “[Disclaimer: As usual, the opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of MacDailyNews or iPodDailyNews. We don’t can the worms, we just open them. Do not eat iPod shuffle.]”

    Yeah, MDN would never let their own biases influence the stories. Guffaw.

  6. First, if you don’t want to idealogical material to show up in the wrong place then take your anti-creationist crusade somewhere else. It doesn’t belong on this site.

    I’ll also agree that creationism should fall under a religious category. No one would be aware of it except via the Bible and it is taken on faith that it is true. Obviously it is religion.

    But, I don’t see that evolution is rock hard science either. It has huge gaping holes in it that can’t be explained. When it comes down to it either one shorts your brain out. Creationism takes you back to just God being there at the beginning, and then you ask where did God come from? ZZZZap, brain melt. Evolution says it all goes back to the big bang, but then what came before that and where did all that matter come from. . . ZZZZZap, brain melt again.

    Don’t get too high and mighty and assume that evolution is science and creationism is pseudo-science. After all just a few hundred years ago the “experts” and “scientists” KNEW that the world was flat and that the sun and stars revolved around the earth. . . Mankind is just as cocky about their knowledge now and we know just as much. . . . very little.

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