Apple CEO Steve Jobs asks author: ‘Are you a nut case?’

“Did computer geek Steve Jobs have a system meltdown? On Friday, the svengali-like CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animated [sic] Studios lashed out at author Fredric Alan Maxwell after he sent Jobs a 4,000-word article he wrote for Fast Company magazine about the untold story of Jobs’ biological father, a Syrian immigrant and political science professor named Abdulfattah Jandali,” Lloyd Grove reports for The New York Daily News.

“‘Are you a nut case?’ Jobs demanded, signing the oneliner ‘Steve.’ Maxwell fired back: ‘Are you?’ The Montana-based author has been pushing Jobs’ buttons for a while, even conducting 18 months of research for an unauthorized biography before Penguin Group’s Portfolio imprint pulled the plug earlier this year,” Grove reports. “He finally sent Jobs the piece about his birth father after Fast Company killed it.”

Full article here.

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It’s “Pixar Animation Studios,” not “Pixar Animated Studios.” This Maxwell guys seems to excel at having his work killed before it ever gets published.


  1. This is his only proof:
    “His identity was outed, albeit obscurely, by Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson.”

    Obscurely, eh? What if this jackass is wrong? Look, this guy may be frustrated and bitter, but this is unethical for a professional writer.

  2. go to amazon and search for this guy’s previous (and apparently only) book, which was a biography of steve ballmer. the reader reviews are TERRIBLE, citing him for bad research and factual errors. apparently, he even refers to internet explorer as a ‘search engine’.

    i’m sure jobs has done his homework on the guy…

  3. don’t worry…

    i too am diging up dirt about family members of Fred Maxwell. Apparently, he’s got a mom that eat his sister whole after her birth, which of course, means that ol Fred should be shouldered with that burden, because it somehow means something about him.

    seriously – he found out my biological fathers name – that means he’s got some l33t google skillz, and not much of a soul.

    for what its worth, i’ve seen him club baby seals on the weekends up off pier 39.

  4. I actually think this guy IS a little bit of a nutcase… he’s desperate for a story… but not only that… he really wants to piss people off.

    “What ever happened to common decency?”
    answer: it never existed.

  5. Steve’s ‘Dad’ was Paul Jobs. I believe he sold electronics parts.

    Most ‘men’ will concede that it takes more than the ‘contribution’ of a tablespoon of biological matter to earn the title ‘Dad’.

    Maxwell is a dick. A tiny one. I hope that he is neither a dad nor father.

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