The Motley Fool: Apple has done it again – this time with video

“It appears that Apple has done it again. It’s been less than 20 days since Apple launched video capability in iTunes, not to mention its new video-enabled iPods, but it said that it can already celebrate the one millionth video download benchmark,” Alyce Lomax writes for The Motley Fool. “It’s no wonder that Apple is already smugly proclaiming that it is once again proving that there is a market for legal downloads. It has good reason to be smug — it’s been no secret that Apple already proved it once before with music.”

“Given the fact that this benchmark has come very quickly, despite the fact that Apple’s iTunes service boasted only 2,000 pieces of video content, it does stand to reason that there’s plenty of opportunity out there,” Lomax writes. “Of course, there are still some questions at hand. For example, maybe the market will be geared more toward shorter-form content rather than longer-form content such as movies. Also, curiosity and the novelty factor might have driven a lot of downloads, as well, as iTunes users wanted to see what the fuss was all about, or to decide whether they really will like their video content served up in this manner.”

“Regardless, Apple is clearly going to expand what content is available through iTunes,” Lomax writes. “One thing seems clear: It won’t be too long before we find out just how far and how fast Apple can go with video.”

More in the full article here.

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  1. And AAPL stock is up $3.02 as of this moment (to $57.49)!

    Sure would like to talk to the “geniuses” who knocked it down to $46 when that penny shortfall was announced.

    Bet they’re feeling ‘way smart right now!

  2. Vinita,

    Has it ever occured to you that the analysts work for large investment firms that might want to see the stock knocked down a bit now and then, especially so they can buy more of it at a lower price?

    You can think of the analysts as intentionally sowing disinformation in order for the large institutions to control the market better.

    The sooner you realize that this is how things work — that people might be lying to you in order to profit from those lies — the sooner you’ll understand how the world works. Both in finance and in politics.

    There’s no profit in honesty….

  3. Heroin –

    Pretty negative view. Certainly not all analysts are so illicit in their commentary. The truth is, they are just people and people make mistakes. They have a great deal of responsibility, but they are also making educated guesses as to how a new market will move.

    Who is to say that this near-$58-per-share price isn’t totally outrageous and $46 is more appropriate? Only the market forces will decide. Today is a good day to be an AAPL share holder. But tomorrow, today will only be pretext.

    I suggest people make informed decisions by getting numerous data points and deciding for themselves how much weight to put into them.

    As a side note, these Montley Fool commentaries, which are wonderful, are also advertisements for their analysis services.

    MDN word: when

  4. “Sure would like to talk to the “geniuses” who knocked it down to $46 when that penny shortfall was announced.”

    Just think, AAPL was at around 33 earlier this year.. it fell somewhat after the split and that would have beena great time to buy.

  5. Heroin,

    You’re coming off a bit “snooty” with comments like . . .

    “Has it ever occured to you that the analysts work for large investment firms that might want to see the stock knocked down a bit now and then, especially so they can buy more of it at a lower price?”

    “Has it ever occurred to me . . .”? Sir (or madam), I have 5,600 shares of AAPL right now, average price of $10.50 with splits. Over the years every one of these shares was bought when the aforementioned “geniuses” dumped their shares on bad news for Apple (or an anal rash in Bangladesh). So, yeah, it HAS occurred to me!

    And by the way, the after-hours traders that knocked the price down to the mid-40’s most recently were small investors who dumped their shares in lots of 100–not 10,000, which the major brokers would have done.

    I do doubt the truth of what you say, but lighten up, man (or woman). You’re not the ONLY smart person in the market!

  6. i can’t wait until they “full house” on the iTMS…not, wait. screw that!
    actually, i hope that, and eventually this will happen one way or another, they will start putting content online that is not necessarily on tv now. “i’ve got a secret” from the 60’s is a fascinating show. GSN has stopped showing it at night. theyonly show a couple of old shows late at night. now we get crap like “ball breakers.” who are they thinking is their target audience? anyway, i hope one day soon we’ll be able to download and own tv shows we want – whatever we want, when we want.

  7. Has it ever occured to you that the analysts work for large investment firms that might want to see the stock knocked down a bit now and then, especially so they can buy more of it at a lower price?

    That’s a great piece of conspiracy thought. Problem is that its entirely wrong.

    During the last two dips that AAPL has struggled through, the percentage of institutional selling DROPPED as a percentage of total sell orders. It was retail accounts (individuals) that caused the dips.

    The institutions were buying, but only because individuals were selling. That is reflected in the percentage of institutional buy orders vs the total of buy orders.

    Give credit where credit is due. Joe Six-Pack got scared and sold. Sometimes I think individuals should be required to get a license before they can buy (or sell) equities. That license would require that the individual know how to read financials, and to extrapolate future earnings.

    No, I’m not a broker, and don’t work for any type of securities firm. I’m just an individual investor that is tired of seeing blame given to firms that don’t deserve it, and the ignorance of so many individuals being ignored. Short term, irrational dips are caused by an ignorant few.

    MDN Word: few. Yikes

  8. Thank you Gregg Thurman for sharing a little bit of sanity. Sheesh, the “we’re being duped” folks never run out of gas, do they? I was watching AAPL after hours in advance of, and following, the iPod with video announcements. The vast majority of sell orders were for lots of 100 shares or fewer. I am neither an analyst, nor an institutional investor, but those folks did not cause the Apple price dips. The small investors who got jittery, perhaps in part because of faulty or over-cautious or even deceptive analysis, are the ones who took the stock down and created a nice buying opportunity for anyone paying attention. Now, is it possible that some analysts blackballed AAPL in order to create a small-investor-sell cycle? Sure. That particular conspiracy theory is not disproven by the facts. But it seems to me that all it truly suggests is caveat emptor. Every investor is responsible for his or her own education and investment decisions, and anyone crying “foul” is just a big crybaby.

  9. Well whatever the reason for the dips in aapl share price, they are a good opportunity to make a quick profit. Whether you buy aapl stock for short or long term investment, it looks like aapl will have a good harvest this quarter and next year looks rosy too.

    I wonder when a correction may occur. Apple and Dell have the same EPS but Apple’s P/E is 50 % greater than Dell’s. At some point this may become an issue if Apple do not continue to make headlines the way it has been.

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