Report: Extremely strong demand seen for Apple iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle units

“With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, orders to Apple’s overseas manufacturing facilities show strong demand for all three members of the company’s industry leading iPod digital music player family,” AppleInsider reports. “Based on order data, it appears that iPod nano demand is increasing week-to-week… Orders for the company’s new fifth-generation iPod also appear strong, with one Apple distributor showing backlog of nearly 50,000 units last week… If Apple is able to avoid or sidestep component shortages and manufacturing issues, it should have little problem shattering Wall Street’s iPod estimates for the current quarter, which hover around 10M units.”

AppleInsider reports, “Reliable sources in the Far East have told AppleInsider that Apple’s manufacturing ramp figures for both the nano and fifth-generation iPod video ‘continue to blow minds,’ with the company at one time preparing for the prospect of selling nearly 4 million nanos a month through December.”

Full article with more details here.

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    My local Walmart store is currently displaying a big sign easily read, saying, “No returns on open iPods.”

    You buy it and open the package, the iPod is yours forever, according to this Walmart policy. Never mind the ease with which it may become handled in whatever regard.

    I asked the Walmart clerk, the one standing beside that sign, “Sell many iPods?”

    “Yeah!” He said, “Every one we can get!”

    I asked, “Got an iPod available now?”

    “No. Not for the last three weeks. We don’t even have any in our warehouses anywhere,” he replied.

    “When do you expect to get more iPods in, here in your store? I asked.

    “He shrugged his shoulders hard as he sadly admitted, “I have no idea. We may not get any of them in before Christmas.

    I gathered from this sales clerk’s demeanor that the iPod is the most fantastic item within his inventory – regardless of the iPods’ availability.

  2. “Reliable sources in the Far East…” In the Far East??? How quaint. I thought that went out with the old British Empire and the Raj.

    Ah the good old days; a gin and tonic at Raffles. Now what ever happened to the Far East. Oh yes I think we call it Asia.

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