Report: Extremely strong demand seen for Apple iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle units

“With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, orders to Apple’s overseas manufacturing facilities show strong demand for all three members of the company’s industry leading iPod digital music player family,” AppleInsider reports. “Based on order data, it appears that iPod nano demand is increasing week-to-week… Orders for the company’s new fifth-generation iPod also appear strong, with one Apple distributor showing backlog of nearly 50,000 units last week… If Apple is able to avoid or sidestep component shortages and manufacturing issues, it should have little problem shattering Wall Street’s iPod estimates for the current quarter, which hover around 10M units.”

AppleInsider reports, “Reliable sources in the Far East have told AppleInsider that Apple’s manufacturing ramp figures for both the nano and fifth-generation iPod video ‘continue to blow minds,’ with the company at one time preparing for the prospect of selling nearly 4 million nanos a month through December.”

Full article with more details here.

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  1. Our analysis and checks with channel distributors indicate that Apple is selling only 1 iPod Nano a day. Apple will be bought in the near future by Real Networks using the money obtained in their recent settlement with Microsoft. I stake my reputation on this.

  2. Good news that the whole product line is in heavy demand.

    To reach the 10M sales mark for the quarter, Apple will need to sell 111,000 units a day!

    Let’s hope supply can allow this number to be met. Considering that Apple were able to shift 6M last quarter, I would imagine they have adjusted the orders sufficiently high enough to cope with the majority of demand over the Xmas period.

  3. Actual non-sarcastic prediction: Apple will finally manage to make enough product for everyone who wants to buy an iPod this holiday season to get one. The fact that iPods are available off the shelf with no waiting list will be reported by a few retarded analysts as evidence that demand is slowing.

  4. 2006 could be the year (I’m thinking it is) that Apple is going to pull out all the stops to gain marketshare. I’m talking about CPU share, and if the iPod halo effect works as it has in the past, then CPUs, during the year of the switch to Intel, will grow handsomely.

    Is this the year that Apple takes on Microsoft?

  5. I dont think Apple should compete with Microsoft, they only make software, I am convinced OSX doesnt need to prove itself, more people will become aware, its really only a matter of time, Apple are more than a Software company, Apple is a experience, and a friend to the Technically inexperienced, that other company doesnt offer that.

  6. On several fronts Apple do compete with M$: the OS, media player, media format etc. A lot of this is to do with whose technology is taken up by emerging markets.

    Apple at the moment is winning the digital audio download war, because the iPod and iTunes is so popular. However, there are plenty of services and devices offering WMA. They may not be very successful but M$ has those guys in their camp. Apple could easily kill WMA off by licensing Fairplay, but at what cost to its own venture. I would argue that Apple could make just as much money out of licensing as it could selling iTMS songs. However, the potential loss of iPod sales could be a factor in preventing Apple going down that road.

    Apple are always competing with PC hardware makers and MP3 player makers. Quite remarkable that given this they are succeeding on many fronts.

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