Glass cube assembly begins at site of Apple’s 25,000-square-foot 5th Avenue flagship store

“Construction workers last week began to assemble a giant glass cube, which will be set like a jumbo gemstone atop Apple Computer’s upcoming flagship retail store in the underground concourse of the General Motors building in Midtown Manhattan,” AppleInsider reports. “On Thursday workers operating a crane could be seen lowering several glass panels into place in the middle of the plaza of the GM building at 767 Fifth Avenue, between 58th and 59th Street.”

AppleInsider reports, “When complete, the 32-foot glass cube will form a stunning gateway to a circular glass staircase and cylindrical elevator leading to an underground 25,000-square-foot Apple retail store.”

Full article with pictures here.

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  1. Fitting that they are setting up the flagship store in at the location of the GM building. GM stole the auto industry from Ford by understanding that the market was ready to move beyond commodity. Ford would never have opened a showroom on 5th Ave – just like Dell would not today.

  2. Those of you who don’t live in NY. This store itself and location is great marketing for Apple.

    This store location is on the South Eastern corner of Central Park on Fifth Avenue. This a a well traveled and wealthy area.

    This store will provide a visible and iconic location. A permanant marketing feature for selling Apple.

  3. This means something bigger, something better, something more beautiful is planned for 2006. Steve is on a roll and we, (us macheads) are at last goin’ to bring beauty to the world. Watch Mac sales ramp in 2006 as msdos finally is exposed as the crap that it is.

  4. What happened to those announced me2 microsoft stores? Aren’t they supposed to at least make some kinda headline? Would like to see what their take is on shopping experience. Instead of a genious bar the will be a huge punchbag. Actually, that would be somewhat funny.

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