Autobytel’s CarTV first to provide automotive video content for Apple 5G video-capable iPods

To meet the booming demand for video content to play on Apple 5G video-capable iPods that hit retailers’ shelves last week, Autobytel’s CarTV, the Web’s leading provider of original automotive rich media, is providing a dedicated Video iPod download center on its popular consumer site, , as well as Autobytel sites,, and By becoming one of the very first companies to provide iPod video support and free content, CarTV is continuing its mission to utilize emerging technology to entertain and inform automotive consumers while providing parent company Autobytel with new ad revenue and brand-building opportunities.

“We’re excited to be among the first wave of content providers for what promises to be a revolutionary media technology,” said Autobytel Senior Vice President, Media and Marketing Services Michael Rosenberg. “iPod users are a prime car-buying demographic, and Video iPods are an ideal platform for the dynamic, hands-on automotive content CarTV produces.”

Rosenberg adds that in addition to providing breaking automotive news, auto show reports, sports and racing events and how-to-videos in the palm of one’s hand, access to CarTV video on an iPod means that consumers can literally watch – and dealers can literally show – a respected third-party video review of a vehicle under a car buyer’s consideration right on the dealer’s lot.

CarTV’s initial menu of downloadable Video iPod content includes expert third-party new vehicle reviews, step-by-step car maintenance tips, and a weekly automotive news program covering late-breaking industry announcements, trends and issues. Next week, CarTV will also provide Video iPod users with daily coverage of the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the world’s premier auto specialty parts exposition (and a hot-ticket event for young urban “tuners,” or car customizers).

Moving forward, CarTV will continue to convert its library of original automotive video content for Video iPod usage while developing new content and automotive ad platforms focused on the largely young, affluent Video iPod market. Visitors to have viewed more than 121,000 hours of car commercials and original CarTV content (including reviews, editorial features, interviews and auto event coverage) so far in 2005, making the site one of the leading providers of automotive rich media on the Web.

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  1. Just an observation: Now portable video players are nothing new as we all know, but isn’t interesting that until the launch of the video-capable iPod, there hasn’t been much content for these fancy things to play. Now that the iPod with video has arrived, content is slowly, but surely, starting to trickle in.

    Where was this stuff when Archos, Epson, etc. announced their portable video players I ask saracastically? *smile*

  2. I hope this finally kills off WMV…I’m sick of going to web sites and trying to watch or listen to something only to find that I have to watch it via WMP. Granted, M$ supplies it for Mac users, but it is subpar compared to Quicktime.

    Maybe sites will slowly convert to the new iPod video format – making Quicktime movies – and the player – even more popular…

  3. redmond must love this situation, all of a sudden H.264 and Quicktime will be THE standard whereever you decide to move yer butt. Next up, schools teaching with vPods, Airlines providing their b.class with vPods…dunno for what, but it will happen nevertheless. Tourists services – get the full Paris rundown on your vPod, including info, maps, restaurants etc. Oh redmond how must you suffer these days.

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