Podner will reformat your movie collection for Apple iPod and iTunes

Wondering how to make the most of the new iPod – the one that plays movies and music videos? Looking for an easy way to get your movies into an iTunes-compatible format? Not sure how to get the best results from QuickTime Pro?

Reformatting your movie collection into iPod-ready files is a cinch with Podner. Just drag your movie files to the Podner window, tweak the settings (if you want) then let Podner get to work.

Afterwards, your movies show up in a special playlist in iTunes. Then, just let iTunes synchronize with your iPod and you’re good to go. It’s all in a day’s work for you and Podner.

The general rule of thumb with Podner is: if you can see and hear it in QuickTime Player then Podner can process it. Visit http://www.divx.com or http://www.3ivx.com for details on how to make AVI and DivX content work with QuickTime. WMV content can be playable using a WMV component by Flip4Mac, which is available for purchase (US$9.99).

(Currently, DivX 6 for Mac is not available on the main site but labs.divx.com have a beta version called DivX Fusion which works with QuickTime 7 and OS X 10.4. – direct download link: http://download.divx.com/labs/DivXFusionBeta3.dmg )

Minimum Sytem Requirements:
• Mac OS X 10.4
• iTunes 6 *
• Quicktime 7.0.3 *
• Temporary hard drive space equivalent to 3x the size of each processed movie file

* Both iTunes and Quicktime can be downloaded or updated for free at http://www.apple.com

Podner retails for US$9.95. You can try Podner for free: Just download Podner and convert 2.5 minutes of any movies you have to view on your iPod or within iTunes.

More info and download link here.

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  1. Sounds like an Applescript front-end to QT7/Pro? I didn’t read the article, but with QT7/Pro it’s hardly rocket science… and there are plenty of freeware tools to handle this – handbrake, for instance, can be setup to rip DVD’s (where legal, of course!) to iPod-appropriate formats.

  2. Is there blood in the water or something? Maybe some Zoloft would calm folks down. A company makes an app (for the OS X platform) that makes it easy to convert to iPod compatible files and you guys are tearing them to pieces.

    Pick your battles folks. You may not need this app, but they are writing something to advance Mac and iPods. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  3. i agree w/easyfolks. don’t beat up a developer if they want to get paid for their work. qt pro cost money and that’s apples solution for makeing ipodable vids. yes, there are free solutions and if one of them works best for you then us it. i’m currently exploring which works best for me: movietogo, ffmpegx, handbrake, or podner. so far, movietogo converts my vids but i lost sound, qt pro took forever, ffmpegx worked but the install and settings issue isn’t very user friendly, handbrake just as many setting, if podner works, isn’t complicated than hey their a winner in my book.

  4. when SJ first took the CEO position at apple in 97 he said something along the lines of: ‘We’ve been spending 100 million a year on advertising and not getting results. We’re going to keep spending 100 mill a year and do it right’ who knew he meant not at all=right?

    MW half. As in Apple please give advertising half a chance to work for the mac

  5. “Pick your battles folks. You may not need this app, but they are writing something to advance Mac and iPods. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” – Easy folks

    I don’t think anybody was in a <i>”feeding frenzy”</i> on this. If a developer wants to make a quick buck slapping together a script, fine; that’s still legal. I don’t know about you but if there is an equally good (or better) solution that is <b>FREE</b>, I’ll pick that any day of the week over not free.

    FREE and cheaper solution suggestions are always welcomed – bring it on!

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  6. Did any of you wangs even try it and compare it to anything else first hand?

    I tried it. its extremely fast compared to quicktime and easy as pie compared to the free range super tweak apps. Some people don’t want to tweak datarates or compile their own apps, or watch their hair grow waiting for quicktime.

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