PC Magazine: Apple Airport wireless routers receive this year’s highest overall rating score

“Home networking routers connect to a broadband modem and provide a hardware firewall against outside hackers. They usually have a switch so that several PCs can be connected and, in the case of wireless routers, a wireless access point,” PC Magazine reports.

“Apple [Airport] wireless routers receive this year’s highest overall rating score (8.9). This is especially noteworthy given that, in general, wired routers outscore wireless. Part of its high ratings may stem from ease of setup: Apple routers tend to be connected to simpler-to-do-everything Macintoshes,” PC Magazine reports.

Full article here.

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  1. More kudos for Apple products. Will the praise never end? (I’m hoping it doesn’t!)

    Magic word: “an” as in “an is an extremely short magic word!”

    Has anyone ever got a single letter magic word like “I” or “a”?

  2. I remember the first time I saw an AirPort was in a catalog and I had no idea what routers were (much less wireless). That was the first time I ever heard of linking computers to each other through the air.

    That was in 2000 and I had just bought my wife an indigo iBook with Fire Wire (whatever that was). I didn’t know and didn’t care, because I was stuck on PCs and going nowhere right along with them. Who cared about computers (who could?) when all they did was lock up and crash?

    It took her over three years but she convinced me to get a Mac. What actually did it was seeing the inside of her iBook when we went to get more memory. I had opened up PCs (desktops and notebooks) and they were nothing like that iBook.

    Now, I have 2 Macintosh Classics, a Performa 6200 CD, the clamshell iBook (with an AirPort card), an eMac stuffed with 1GB of RAM and an AirPort Extreme card, and my new baby a 17″ iMac Rev C (just got delivered Monday) with an AirPort Extreme card for the AirPort network that I was able to set up with no help and no problems right out of the box (with only 2 days of experience with an Apple computer).

    I’m not surprised that Apple was recognized. The ease of use is unmatched and anyone who has been around an AirPort Base Station will tell you it is a thing of beauty. It just works.


  3. Apple’s router is cute, I really like the UFO shape. But it’s almost twice as much as the USRobotics Wireless MAXg Router with Printer Server (USR5461).

    You remember USRobotics, you know, the company that started it all.

    Apple: who cares if there’s a 56K modem on that router, drop the price by $40 and you might be able to sell a few.

  4. mozfan, something’s kinda fishy with your story. In 2000, you were suck on PC. In 2003 you switched. Now, why on earth do you have those 2 Macintosh Classics, a Performa 6200 CD and the clamshell iBook? Did you switch because you felt in love with OS7.5 or what?

  5. What’s the reckoning that with the introduction of the new imac and the usb modem to go with it that the airport will go the same way, in that people who need a modem pay for it and everyone else gets a price reduction.

  6. Are there any indications of new versions, of either the Base Station or Airport Express, that add more wired ports to the base, a video port to the Express, pre-N or enhanced 811.g, or other new capabiltites?

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