Advice for parents: protecting against iPod porn

“It’s not ‘dirty books’ that parents will be confiscating in the future, it’s an iPod Video packed with porn clips downloaded from the web,” David Richards writes for Smart House Magazine. “The launch of the new iPod Video has created an immediate problem for parents and schools. iPod porn which can be downloaded from the internet and concealed in the new iPod video player. [Apple’s iPod video] can download everything from video clips to TV shows to banned porn.”

Richards writes, “US newspaper the Seattle Times said that the development scarcely surprises technology watchers such as Marcus Rogers, a University computer-technology instructor. Pornographers are always looking for new distribution channels, he said. ‘It’s the nature of the industry,’ Rogers said. ‘They were early adopters of the Internet and bulletin-board systems, precursors of the Internet. They embrace anything that allows them to distribute this stuff quicker, better, to more people.'”

So, for adults entrusting young ones with video versions of the players, a bit of an education is in order. Here are points to keep in mind:
• The iTunes software has parental controls. This restricts what can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store, an online bazaar featuring music and music videos and audio and video podcasts. The explicit among these are typically labeled as such and can be filtered out. You also can disable podcasts and the music store.
• Kids can get around those controls. One way is by manually obtaining video podcasts and other easily downloadable content. So, Mom and Dad, try to familiarize yourself with iTunes’ content areas. The key one is ‘Library.’ Click it to see a listing of audio and video content. A search field lets you look for keywords such as ‘sex.’
• Ask to inspect your kids’ iPods. Make sure they aren’t password-protected to lock you out. Or, if you let your kids use this Screen Lock feature so they can protect personal information while on the go (iPods now serve as digital calendars and address books), ask for those combinations and tuck them away for future reference.
• Don’t be overly dependent on technology. If you think you can stay on top of every tech trick, think again – your teens will outsmart you. So cultivate good relationships.

Richards writes, “‘It is incumbent on parents to teach what is right and what is wrong,’ Rogers said. ‘Don’t make this into a taboo. That is as bad as waving a red flag in front of a bull.'”

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  1. Kids always had the ability to view porn, from the local school chums, to daddy’s videos, to national geographic (yuck!) to the internet.

    They could always carry a copy and quickly get rid of it, but with the viPod if they don’t give up their password their get their toys confiscated along with all their music.

    So there is more control there.

  2. Considering that the ne video iPods have that combination lock feature on them, there’d be no way for a parent to tell what’s on it without (1) having physical access to it, (2) knowing the password if it has one, or (3) having physical access to their kid’s computer and knowing any passwords which may already be enabled on those.

    But then, kids have access to all kinds of devices, saide from iPods and computers that allow them to capture, download, store, and hide any and all kinds of material that they probably shouldn’t have, and that’s not even including getting it from their friends, so i guess there’s something of a conundrum right there.

    My point? Don’t blame others if you can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to raise your own offspring. The TV and the Internet are NOT babysitters. But we already knew that, right? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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