Porn-filtering V-chip for Apple iPod?

“There’s a widespread notion that pornographers eagerly jump on new technology long before it goes mainstream, but with Apple Computer’s new video-playing iPod, the adult industry is largely staying away,” Larry Buhl reports for Wired News. “With a couple of exceptions, porno producers are in no hurry to provide stag movies for the iPod, thanks to fears of a public outcry and a government crackdown.”

Buhl reports, “Despite the industry’s caution, self-imposed safeguards might not keep parents’ groups and conservative organizations at bay indefinitely, said Tom Hymes, a spokesman for the Free Speech Coalition. ‘I think it’s possible these groups will advocate for laws such as filtering software like DRM (digital rights management) tools on the actual device,’ Hymes said. ‘That could act like a V-chip for the iPod.’ Apple did not respond to requests for information about parental controls on the video iPod.”

Full article here.

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  1. You know he’s right. Family programming only for the iPod. Then every evening, the whole family can gather around it, start a fire, and watch some quality entertainment that stresses family values. C’mon guys, a majority of us are over the age of 18, if not 21. I’m not going to be told whcih content I can and cannot watch by some conservative right-wing organization who’s afraid of the perils involved with a little skin or the s-e-x word.

  2. And what about the tonnes of content that is already out there that hasn’t been encoded with a “v” chip in mind? It can easily be converted to play on the iPod, so no amount of money or time spent by government is going to stop porn from making it onto a kids’ iPod if the kid is resourceful enough.

    How about parents just periodically do a review of the content that is on their kid’s iPod and iTunes library? That’s a better step if you ask me. Give parents the knowledge to be aware of what their kids do.

    Magic word: “yes” as in “yes, Yes, YES!!! HARDER!!! HARDER!!!!!!”

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  3. As far as i can tell, porn has not evolved to the point where it can walk into your house and sneak its way onto your iPod. All the files on my iPods have been put there by me. Why is this issue being cast as Apple’s problem to deal with?

    A v-chip makes sense for television where the content is ‘unpredictable’. The same seems to be true for that wacky internets. However, if Johnny is watching povporn on his iPod (with video) then the issue is between Johnny and his parents since the files are there because of intentional, premeditated, and deliberate acts.

    Personal responsibility … where are you?

  4. Heck with Bush not allowing .xxx domains to exist at least that section of the government has got their head up their butts.

    They rather say “it shouldn’t exist at all” instead of realizing the obvious that porn is a human necessity and it’s not going away ever, so the best they can do is give it it’s own place on the net so it’s easy to filter away from the kiddies, office computers, hospitals, churches and other locations where it’s not appropriate.

    Of course then countries can stir up their male populations to war using sexual frustration by implementing laws banning .xxx websites.

    Don’t let me have my porn for a week and I’ll be ready to kill too.

    I don’t think censorship really works, all it takes is one kid in grade school with a copy of dads’ playboys and kids will get even more clever to get their porn.

    After all the best hackers are severely sexually frustrated parent basement dwellers anyway

  5. The only problem I have with it is the thought of someone watching it in public where my child might be able to see the screen. I know the argument — make sure your child can’t see the screen. That’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. Its the same as saying that sex should be allowed in public, and it is a parents responsibility to make sure that the children turn their heads from it.

    If somebody wants podporn, then great. There will have to be something to make sure it doesn’t go out in public. There is already a problem with people watching porn on in-car DVD systems where all other cars around them can see it also.

    Covering this area is where the laws need to be centered. It is not an iPod specific thing, nor is it necessary to make sure that porn cannot make its way onto an iPod. If you want it and you’re over 18, its your right to have it. Its also my right not to have to have my child see it in public.

  6. OMG, that tiny dvd screen in that car 3 lanes over is showing a sex movie, I’m going to cause an accident trying to get a better look, I mean trying to avoid it!
    America must prevent me from accidently getting aroused, I mean having my eyes burned with such hot babes and guys, I mean trash.
    Help Congress pass some laws and save our children!

  7. Laws should not have to be passed. Porn purveyors should slide back to the toilet and be flushed. Do you want your children posing for this sickness?

    UnHolywood will rail against any chips.

    Rights—my eye!!

  8. Hatford — I take it you don’t have any children. I admitted it is your right to have the porn. It will never be your right to display it in public. Pee Wee Herman went to jail for such public displays. I guess you think he should not have gone. There is no difference between seeing it on a screen and seeing it in real life.

    It IS your right to have it on your iPod, DVD, VHS,, magazine, etc. It IS my right not to have me nor my child see it alongside you.

  9. I have never seen a car dvd player playing porn. And I live in Los Angeles, and i’ve been looking! I can’t see this being a big problem. IMO the screens on most in car dvd players are barely large enough for good viewing in the car, from another vehicle I doubt your kids are going to learn too much.

    Isn’t it already illegal to display porn in public, which is what you are doing if aynone else can see it. I don’t even think it would have to be illegal I think the vast majority of people won’t watch it in public, and of those who would the vast majority would respect a request to move it somewhere else if you or your children could see it. The number of sickos who want to watch it in some place where young children can watch it are very few and I don’t think make up a major threat to our kids.

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