PC Magazine: Apple iPod is the best portable music player we’ve seen so far

“We know much ink has been spilled over the new iPod—the one that plays video. Writers (including this one) and publications (including this one) have speculated at length about what the iPod’s new video capabilities will mean for the portable media world. But it’s important to remember that it’s the player’s popularity, elegance, and easy iTunes connec-tion that make the addition of video to the iPod so important to the industry, not the video feature itself. After all, MP3 players with video playback capabilities aren’t that new,” Kyle Monson writes for PC Magazine.

Monson conducts a “roundup of MP3 players with video capabilities, both old and new, Apple and non-Apple” (Archos Gmini 402 vs. Cowon iAudio X5 vs. Apple iPod) and finds: “Apple iPod is the best portable music player we’ve seen so far. The new video-playing iPod comes in 30GB or 60GB capacities, has excellent sound quality and innovative recording options, and supports video via iTunes. Video looks crisp and sharp on the color screen, and though the catalog of available video isn’t so robust yet, we expect this to be quickly remedied. The real advantage the new iPod has over the other two players, however, is the ease with which average consumers can fill the iPod with video and then view it. Navigating through the menus is easy and intuitive and syncing the player with iTunes is a breeze.”

Full article here.

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  2. can someone plz direct me to a place where I can read more about these “innovative recording options”? Someone told me it has a line-in, but I havent seen this confirmed anywhere and I don’t think Apple would do me and a plethora of others such a much asked for favour. I would LOVE to finally be able to record with my iPod! This must be the single most silly missing feature of the iPod so far…oh maybe it’s not as silly as the fact that the iTMS still doesn’t sport audiofiles in a resolution for people who aren’t tonedeaf. Please Apple, change the compression rate to 192kbps AAC. 128kbps simply sounds SHIT!!!

  3. I couldnt agree more on the compression issue. why apple still use the lowend resolution is beyond me. im not a trained musician but still hear the artefacts in many tracks and i know im not the only one rantin about this.

  4. you cant directly record into the ipod. You need to buy a recording module from belkin or griffin or the many other accesory companies. I got one from belkin with an audio in and it worked great. they also make another one with a built in microphone that I assume gets less than perfect results but I don´t know what exactly.

    i agree on the compression, its just not good enough but 95% cant tell the difference.

    Why post the bit on 10.4.3 here. Some of us want to check some mac news and stay reasonably on topic.

  5. If PC Magazine would take a really close look at Apple’s other products—their computers for instance—they would say that they are the best computers they have ever seen.
    But the good words about the iPod is a start.
    MDN Magic Word is “needs” as in Apple needs to advertise it’s computers and great OS X!

  6. OK…first, recording on the iPod. The old iPods were hobbled with the fidelity…they can’t record hi-fi, even with the Griffin/Belkin microphones. The new 5G iPod with video has 2 modes that I know of, one is mono and is much better fidelity than the old iPod, and it also has true CD stereo recording. The problem today is that there are no aftermarket input adapters. I guess you can always put the files on your home computer and then import them into iTunes…when you do the import to iTunes make sure your preference settings are what you want for the quality/type of file. Recording the files on the computer first should work with the previous iPod model too…(how far back I’m unsure)

    second,…As I have stated before, there is no. (read Zero), lossy compression algorithms for music, I would ever use….and would pay extra…like $1.25 a song from ITMS for Apple Lossless….or full CD quality…and would pay more for SACD quality.

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