Report: If Apple launches iTunes Music Store Australia tomorrow, Sony BMG won’t be included

“It’s confirmed: if indeed it is the launch of iTMS Australia tomorrow morning, Sony BMG, with its share of roughly 25 per cent of the world’s music, is definitely not included,” Dan Warne reports for

“Sony BMG Australia says that it has been in negotiations with Apple for several years and is close to concluding the deal – though if Apple ‘goes live’ tomorrow, Sony BMG music won’t be on sale. ‘We have been in continuing discussions with Apple and we hope to resolve the final points with them shortly,’ said Emmanuel Candi, General Manager Business Strategy, Sony BMG Australia. This may point to an announcement by Apple tomorrow morning, with a slightly later launch date (e.g. October 31) to allow contract negotiations with Sony BMG to wrap up,” Warne reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Gee, now why would Sony be trying to screw with Apple’s ITMS. Would it have something to do with download prices, ipod sales and the disastrous sales of their own mp3 player. Nah, it must be something else.

    Dear Re-Reality check,

    Now here’s a reality check.

    First of all we don’t throw prawns on a barbie. We don’t have shrimps in Australia, they’re called prawns. Most Australians throw snags on a barbie.

    Second, aside from being illegal to drink alcohol on patrolled beaches, it’s bloody dangerous to surf and swim.

    Third, …and here’s the crunch, Fosters is only fit for export. It looks like pee, it smells like pee and I guess it must be pee. Now if you want an Oz beer that’ll put hair on your head (and destroy anything between your ears) try Coopers. Not a bad drop. There are many more examples.

    If I were to use the John West analogy…It’s the beer Australians reject.

    My apologies to mac users for the rant, I’ll try better next post.

  2. Aside from the ITMS release date Apple users shouldn’t be phased about ripping Sony cds into iTunes or ipod. Most Mac users haven’t had problems.

    One easy fix is to get a copy of AudioHijack. Connect a cd player to your computer and voila you can import to your heart’s content. Alternatively, if you have a pre amp that can be connected to your computer, connect the cd player to the former and let her rip. Just a thought anyway.

  3. iTMS New Zealand will be the one to watch for…not necessarily for commercial reasons but more for the stupendous amount of talent that little country has to offer. But of course, due to stupid label contracts, those in other countries won’t be able to actually purchase any kiwi tunes so it makes no difference to the global market. Basically, we just need iTMS. Not iTMS (fill in your country). What’s next, multiple parochial versions of the WWW (China style)?

    I can’t send iTunes gift certificates to family and friends in other countries because they’re not redeemable! So I have to send them gift certificates for real CDs they can purchase locally. Really lame, considering that we have a technology that is supposed to be global. Instead, myopic corporations insist on putting up the habitual old world brick & mortar walls out of greed, protectionism and control.

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