Report: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to feature totally redesigned Spotlight-based Finder

“To date, the only information Apple has provided about Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is that it will come sometime between late 2006 and 2007 and that it will be Intel compatible. Meanwhile, anonymous sources revealed to MacosXrumors the first major feature of Leopard and it looks like it has to do with the Finder,” macosXrumors reports. “According to the sources, Apple will entirely re-design the Finder in its next major Mac OS X update. The new version of the Finder, code-named ‘Chardonnay’ (like the wine), will be totally based on the Spotlight meta-search technology which was introduced earlier this year with Tiger.”

The extensive use of Spotlight in the next version of Finder will bring the following enhancements:
– significant overall performance increase
– improved user interface
– even more integrated Spotlight related features (search, smart folders, document previews…)

“The aim behind this new Finder is to offer to the user the ability to browse his files just as he browses his music,” macosXrumors reports.

Full article here.

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  1. reelase?

    I refuse to get excited until SJ does a Keynote about Leopard’s incredible new features that will change everything about desktop computers as we know it in 64bits and cross-platform goodness.

    MW:feed, as in feed the channel with Leopard highlights.

  2. ok, since they brought up browsing music: i would like to be able to use parentheses in my criteria for smart lists so that i can have combinations of “ands” and “ors”. This would make smart lists a lot more flexible instead of being able to only have a set of just ands or just ors. if they are going to expand the itunes paradigm to the finder then i think this needs to be addressed because this weakness will be even more apparent.

    MW: stock – buy some more! you can’t make this stuff up!

  3. I would like to see Apple release Leopard the day before Vista ships. They should keep as quiet as possible until then, but a redesigned Finder would be very welcomed. It is the weakest link now in the Mac OS.

  4. Over the last couple of years I’ve seen numerous respectable tech opinions published that call to ‘Fix The Finder’. As a non-tech, I always felt the Finder was just fine, but I guess Apple may well be heeding these frequent requests if this latest bit of speculation has any ultimate worth.

  5. Fix the Finder, eh? It ain’t broke nearly as bad as XP. For (one of many) example, in XP open a folder and rename a file in that folder. When you hit RETURN the name pops back to its original name. Then try renaming it again. You can’t. It gives you some wacko error message saying it can’t read from the disk. If you close the window and reopen it, you see that the name change did indeed take.

    But I do agree that the Finder does have a few of its own characteristics that could use some tweaking.

  6. Can anim8r please not post any more.

    This is very interesting because it will complete the plans announced by Microsoft years ago for Longhorn. Plans which they scalled back further and further so they are basically integrating Google Desktop into Windows Vista.

    Longhorn originally called for WinFS, a new file system not based on File Application Tables (FAT) but driven by an MSSQL based, metadata system. Microsoft has such massive issues with it – a significant reason for Longhorn’s delay – that it removed the feature.

    It is nice to see that Apple has delivered Spotlight nearly a year before the Vista Beta and that when Vista is available, Leopard will have the key feature MS couldn’t deliver.

    MDN word: members

  7. I sure hope this rumor comes to fruition. I think a new Finder will happen. Apple knows it can’t relent with Vista on the horizon.

    Panther was the refined version of Jaguar (which delivered many new under the hood improvements). I think that the difference between Leopard and Tiger will be the same.

    I wonder if the auto-save features incorporated into Aperture will be put into Leopard.

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