Porn industry rushes to adapt offerings for Apple’s new video-capable iPod

“It hasn’t taken the adult industry long to figure out how to transform Apple’s iPod into the iPorn. Sites from the dark side of the Web are already rushing to buy QuickTime Pro licenses so they can create viral transmissions intended to pounce down the broadband pipe into Apple’s new media players,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK. “The adult industry is huge. It’s no secret that it was adult-oriented sites that helped drive demand and technological advance for the Internet itself. The industry is also not scared to experiment.”

Evans reports, “The tech-savvy adult industry understands how to harness the Internet to stimulate audiences, create brand loyalty and drive demand. As expected, it is rushing to embrace this new iPod-driven, portable-video gold rush. The fashionable Suicide Girls adult website last night revealed its own weekly three-minute video podcast, promising: ‘The lovely SuicideGirls set to music and showing off their pin-up appeal. Show your friends, your mum, the girl next to you on the bus.’ Apple already hosts a Suicide Girls radio show on its own podcast directory. Suicide Girls aren’t the only ones. Another adult site (HellHouse Video) began providing iPod-compatible adult video content earlier this week. Yet another adult outfit, Sin City has made a selection of trailers for its movies available in an iPod-compatible format.”

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  1. Keep your ears open for the first arrests for iPod public indecency – the same kinda thing that has happened with playing porn on DVD players in cars. Somehow I expect people will jump on the iPod hype to make iPod indecency a hotter issue than car DVD porn.

  2. I think Bogi is right about this…Distribution channels and the ability to easily hide or disguise it make it a foregone conclusion that kids will get involved more easily. But iCrystal….don’t ascribe a particular political orientation to the growth of porn…on ipods or anywhere else. Sexual behavior is not something that HAS a political or religious orientation. That’s a myth. Otherwise the string of scandals of TV ministers, and catholic priests would not have happened. I think it comes down to openess and honesty between parents and children and a less repressive attitude toward sex in general. The iPod is a brilliant piece of hardware but what about the PSP and the Archos devices that also play video? Why isn’t the porn industry “rushing” to get their content on those devices?
    It’s because of critical mass and market size. It makes more sense to pursue the largest market. What’s a parent to do? Get your kids something OTHER than an iPod that plays video like the Shuffle, The Nano or a used mini. Plenty of good choices.

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